Friday, May 25, 2007

ACK! Is my soup garbage? Sorry Mom!

I just finished reading Julia Scheers's memoir Jesusland. It was a great book (although it was written with horrid grammar), but there was a passage in it that disturbed me. Scheers talks about what a horrible, cheapskate cook her mother is and how much the family hates her "garbage soup". The soup is made by taking things like veggie scraps and chicken bones and putting them into the freezer in a jar. When the jar is full, she boils them down into soup, strains it, and adds ground beef.

Minus the beef, that's exactly how I make stock. Whenever I roast a chicken, I put the carcass, excess fat, and wings in the freezer. I also put any unused vegetables that I know I won't eat in the freezer as well. When I'm in the mood for soup, I boil the bones and veggies down into stock. Is that wrong? Does it taste bad? I'm worried now. I don't know how many time I have made soup and Kevin will eat all of the chicken and rice in it and leave the broth. I tell him the broth is what takes the most time to make, but he's not into it. Does it taste that bad?

I was planning to make stock this weekend for my mother's birthday party. It's going to be the base for Italian Wedding Soup. What if it's really bad? I never thought my stock was bad, but maybe it is.

Anyway, here is the menu for the party:

Italian wedding soup (spinach and turkey meatballs)
Chicken Saltimbocca (chicken with sage leaves and prosciutto in a white wine sauce)
Lemon Risotto
Roasted asparagus with hazelnut oil
Flourless chocolate cake

I hope everyone has a great holiday weekend with no garbage soup!

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