Thursday, August 9, 2007

Am I Nuts?

Have I completely lost it? Who decides she's going to try to bake something on a weekly basis in the dog days of summer?

Yesterday temps were in the 90s and the humidity made the air a steambath. What did I do with my evening last night?

I made this.

I really felt compelled to make this. I have a subscription to Eating Well magazine and I have wanted to make this tart ever since I received the most recent issue. Summer is the time of year for fresh raspberries, so it seemed like a no-brainer.

I had been hoping to get really fresh raspberries. I know a pick-your-own farm or two and if I couldn't do that much, I at least wanted to go get some at a farmer's market. The B&B where I stayed the weekend of my birthday there were abundant raspberry bushes in the back of the house and I picked a ton-and predictably forgot to take them with me when I left (I suppose the maids got a treat). I just never got around to purchasing or otherwise acquiring farm-fresh local raspberries. Now the season is ending and I knew if I was going to make this tart, I would have to make it now.

I bought my raspberries at Wild Oats and paid through the nose for them. I went home, cranked up the AC and went to work on my tart. Once I was in the midst of making the crust, I noticed that I was out of both vanilla and almond extracts. Oops! Well, the tart is filled with butter and sugar and raspberries are the main standout, so I hope the tart isn't too bad without them.

The berries were a little too tart for my taste. I ended up with a tart tart. If I make this again, I may add more sugar unless I can get really sweet berries.

I think what makes me truly nuts is that I'm already stressing about what dessert I'll make next week.

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