Thursday, October 18, 2007

More Adventures in Sriracha (and more newfound recipes)

I will find any way to use that sriracha sauce. Two nights ago I decided to make a nice sriracha-infused sauce for chicken. I suppose it would be considered a barbecue sauce, but I live in an apartment and have no grill, so I'll just consider it a glaze.

I was inspired by a fellow sriracha fan I found on Chowhound to create this.

I mixed about a half cup of molasses with two tablespoons rice vinegar, a quarter cup of tomato paste, and three tablespoons sriracha. I split a whole chicken (I hate cutting out backbones, but split-roasting a chicken makes it so much easier to carve. BTW, take that Rachael Ray - people do still roast whole chickens and I put the backbone in the freezer for future use for stock) and covered it generously with the sauce and let it sit for half hour or so before roasting it in a 400-degree oven. It was yummy. Even my husband thought so saying, "The sauce is really good." (He doesn't always take note of that sort of thing.) I will definitely do it again, although I will cut the proportions of the recipe a bit. It was more than I needed for just one chicken.

The most recent issues of Eating Well is really inspiring me all over the place. Every page seems to have great ideas.

All week long I have been eating White Bean, Broccoli, and Cheddar Soup for lunch. This beats Robin Miller's nasty broccoli soup to a pulp (see my most recent Food Network blog). I tweaked the recipe a bit. I sauteed some onions and then added some chopped garlic before I added the liquids and the broccoli. The beans really do keep the cheese from clumping. As I'm trying to make sure I get my 25 grams of fiber daily, this soup really hits the spot.

Last night I made the Pork Tenderloin with Apple and Fennel. I love roasted fennel. I love apples and pork. This one was a no-brainer. I forgot to buy an onion though, so I had to do without. The dish was still very tasty without the onion. The apples got a bit burnt though. The next time I make this the pork will go in first, or go on the bottom rack while the apples and fennel will go on top later.

October has been a very chaotic month for me and I have been eating out way too often. I'm glad this week I had time to make some homemade food.

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I know my blog is full of crap. It's either I was paid to lie or I don't know what I was really trying to say just for the sake of mentioning an advertiser's product linking to their website.

If I will not be here for Thanksgiving I will miss your turkey then.