Monday, November 12, 2007


Mom's pony, Baby (whom I also like to think of as mine) hasn't been feeling so great lately. She's crankier than usual (if that's possible) and has been moving sort of stiffly. Yesterday the equine massage therapist came to see her.

The massage was going well. The therapist worked on her head and spine and worked her way to the back end. The last thing she had to do was adjust Baby's hips. She grabbed one of Baby's back legs and sort of pushed it upwards.

Mom was holidng the lead rope as the therapist was doing this. The adjustment caused a muscle spasm. Baby's reaction to the pain was swift. She kicked up and turned around and bit Mom's hand. Actually, bite is too mild a word. She clamped down on Mom's hand with enormous force. She immediately let go (especially since once the spasm passed, she felt quite good), but the damage had been done. She drew blood in 6 places. It's impossible to think that non-carniverous teeth could draw so much blood. Mom ended up having to go to the emergency room for a tetnaus shot and stitches.

"So what's your point, Rachel? This is your FOOD blog. Why are you blathering on about your horses here?"

(Other than my fear that Baby is going to develop a taste for human flesh of course, and that takes food to a whole new level.)

Mom's right hand (dominant hand) is splinted and heavily bandaged. Last night it was swelled to the size of a baseball. That hand is useless for the next two weeks.

I had really been counting on Mom to make her wonderful orange-ginger cranberry sauce for Thanksgiving.

I have asked Mom to the recipe. Then I added making cranberry sauce to my ever-expanding game plan for Thanksgiving and the preceding days. I really ought to be concerned about Mom's hand (and Baby's expanding appetites), but all I can do is selfishly wonder about making the cranberry sauce.

I could buy it of course, and that's the other part of the equation. I have really come to love the taste of homemade cranberry sauce, particularly my mother's. I don't like the canned stuff very much anymore. I liked it as a kid because it was sweeter than homemade and like most kids, I liked jelly. As an adult, I'm just not into it. I find it too sweet, and very often there is a weird chemical taste to it. The problem is I'm the only one who feels this way. In the past few years my mother has purchased the canned stuff in addition to serving the homemade, because there are people who prefer it. I think if the orange-ginger sauce were gone from the table, I would be the only one who missed it.

Do I give myself a tiny bit more stress just so I can make myself happy, or do I ditch the homemade sauce altogether and get the kind of sauce I can slice?

Anyone out there have a good recommendation for a canned sauce if I go that route?


Sue said...

Poor Mom, poor pony.

Honestly, I think Ocean Spray WHOLE BERRY(not the jellied) is ok. You're probably the only one who would notice that the homemade cranberries were missing. Or how about this? Can you ask someone who is coming to make it if you provide the recipe?

I have a recipe for a great FREEZABLE one on my blog. Mine is already packed in there, waiting for the big day.

Oh, and breath, just breath...

The Short (dis)Order Cook said...

Ooh yeah. I went back and took a look at the yummy looking sauce you posted. It's actually quite similar to Mom's (minus the ginger). I can make it this weekend and freeze it!

You are my lifesaver!

And you would not believe my lists. I spend more time making lists at work than I do working these days. I think my whole office will be very happy when Thanksgiving is over.