Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Weekday Delights

This week has already started out crappy at work, but food-wise, it has started off beautifully.

Sunday afternoon Mom and I were at the barn and took a break from the horses to pay a visit to Rogowski Farm. Once upon a time they were a very small operation that ran a roadside vegetable stand on the weekends where you bought your produce on the honor system, dropping your money in a box. They have expanded their operation and are now a full-time market selling their own stuff as well as stuff from other local farms.

It's hard to believe you can still get such great stuff locally in November, especially since many of the local farmer's markets have shut down for the winter. Rogowski continues to delight. When we walked in we were invited to taste their spiced cider made with their own brand of spice mix. It tasted like warm apple pie in a glass. Mom snapped up their little seckel pears, while I bought some anjou and bosc pears along with some of the best concord grapes ever. For more savory fare I bought a big bag of fresh mixed greens and some bok choy. They also had a refrigerator filled with local goat cheese and fresh eggs. I couldn't resist buying some of that as well.

Last night for dinner I wanted a nice simple meal, so I went for my Classic Glazed Chicken. I just roast some bone-in chicken breasts glazed with a mixture of soy sauce, ginger, and apricot jam. This time I added a twist. I put a few dashes of sriracha in the mixture (I just can't resist using that stuff). I roasted the breasts for abotu 40 minutes at 350. For a side dish I sliced my bok choy in half and cooked them on the grill pan. When it was soft, I dressed the halves with a mixtures of soy sauce, ginger, and sesame oil.

Today's lunch continues the Rogowski Farm theme. I sliced one of the pears and some of the goat cheese and laid them out with some slivered almonds over the greens. The dressing is raspberry balsamic vinegar and olive oil with just a grind of pepper and a pinch of salt. Very yummy.

I just love farm market cooking!

15 days to go!!!!

My family has been very cooperative so far. My mother has agreed to make her yummy cranberry-ginger sauce and bring two chairs and a bottle of wine. My brother and his wife are bringing two desserts, bread, wine and four chairs. My uncle and his wife said they would bring wine and at least one chair. They said they would bring a shrimp ring too, which I appreciate (even though I won't eat it), but is slightly problematic since I'm not sure where I'll put it! Space and configuration will continue to be one of our biggest challenges. I'll figure something out. My family loves the shrimp (I must be adopted).

Kevin and I received $150 worth of Crate and Barrel gift certificates for our anniversary last month, so I'll be investing in some festive new table linens soon. I might pick up some new serving pieces too. One of my main serving bowls is a piece I did at a paint your own pottery store years ago that's beginnign to crack all the way across. It's not bad looking, but it does look like it was painted by an amateur.

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