Saturday, May 24, 2008

Well This Just Made My Day

I didn't have much time to view my blog this week. Right after my show was over I was whisked away to Calgary on a business trip (my first time ever in Canada). I couldn't get online while I was there as my cheapskate company won't give me a laptop and my cheapskate self won't use the hotel business center.
I had a nice trip (although it was quite cold and rainy) but it was even nicer coming home and returning to my blog to find that I have been given my first blogging award. Susan of Sticky Gooey Creamy Chewy (or just call it Yummy Yummy Yummy Yummy) bestowed the Blogs That Make My Day award.

Well, that just made my day. It was a badly-needed boost and it reminds me that while the food blogging world has its share of uppity people, most of you guys are incredibly awesome and sweet and fun to share blogs with.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

I don't have any fascinating food stories from Calgary unfortunately. I just have one slightly sad one. You see, I didn't want to just head to Calgary without having a day to recover from the show. I asked that I not leave Monday.

By insisting that I go a day later, look what I missed at my hotel.


We Are Never full said...

CONGRATS!!!!! you TOTALLY deserve it!! Feels good, don't it?

Emiline said...

Congrats on your new award.