Sweet Treat of the Week

The tradition of a weekly summer sweet treat continues. This week I have chosen Emiline of Sugar Plum's Gourmet Fat Chocolate Chip Cookies.

I love chocolate chip cookies, and it can be hard to improve upon a classic, but Em is up to the task. Sugar Plum is a blog that never ceases to amaze me because it's hard to believe someone so young could have such an amazing collection of recipes - and they're all her own. Inventing my own baking recipes is often a hair-raising enterprise for me. It's equally scary to share those recipes with others. Yet here is someone many years my junior who manages to crank out something delicious out of her own head prolifically. I know she is going to go far in her culinary career.

This recipe deviates a bit from the standard cream-the-butter-and-sugar-together-and-add-the-eggs-and-flour formula. Instead browned butter is added to the sugar and eggs, while something almost like a pie dough is made with a stick of solid butter and then gently added to the sugar. There is a flavor and texture dimension here that is a little different from the norm. More depth of texture and flavor comes from the use of chocolate chunks with cocoa nibs along with the toasted nuts. Your mouth discovers something different as you eat these.

My version came out pretty well. I wished I had done some things differently. I over-toasted some of the nuts. I also think I could have browned the butter a little more. The first batch I took out of the oven were a little flat, but the second batch came out as beautiful, soft mounds with a nice crispy edge.
My husband's verdict was that they were wonderful.

I brought them to work with me and and they were gone in under two hours - first thing in the morning. I guess everyone else is much easier on my baking than I am.

Ice cream. Carnivals. Cookies. You folks must all think I never eat anything nutritious. Let me share some stuff I bought at Rogowski Farm over the weekend.

Check out these carrots. They were colorful, but tiny. I wish I had photographed them next to something that would show the scale. The green tops on these carrots were about 10 times the size of the carrots themselves before I broke them off and gave them to my horses. The horses had a feast.

The first baby squashes of the year. Aren't they adorable?

I sliced these veggies up, grilled them on a grill pan, and put them on a bed of very spicy arugula with some peppered goat cheese. All of it came from the farm.

See? I can eat healthfully!


Adam said…
I never would of questioned the healthy eating :) However, I was going to question who ate the sweets every week... thank goodness you have co-workers to help you out.

The cookies look great. Between your method and Em's recipe, I'm not really surprised though :) And yes, I agree, we are usually our toughest critics. Nothing but the best.
Emiline said…
Oh you made them! That's so cool. I'm glad you did. And it's really weird, because I was just thinking about that recipe today. I'm going to work on it tomorrow, and maybe improve? it if possible. I want to bring some in to work.
Glad they worked for you.
Adam - I can't take credit for the method. It's all Em.

Em - I don't think those cookies need any improving. They just need me to not burn the nuts!
Sue said…
They look good...really good. You didn't say if you left the batter to age à la Em and the New York Times. I really have to do a side by side comparison the next time I make chocolate chip cookies.
Sue, it's funny how the NYT article seemed to be published right around the time I made these cookies. However, I'm not patient enough to age cookie dough 36 hours. I don't know how ANYONE could keep cookie dough in the fridge that long and not eat it all before it ever got baked. I gave it a good two hours and threw them in the oven.
Lo said…
First -- I've been craving chocolate chip cookies for an age now. So, those would really hit the spot...

Who has the self-discipline to age cookie dough!!??