Sunday, August 10, 2008

Sweet Treat of the Week

This week's sweet goes back to the basics. I'm heading out for a business trip to Denver later this week, so I don't have much time to bake. I needed a recipe that was simple and relatively quick.

The perfect recipe came from Michelle at Thursday Night Smackdown. I made her Blondies Sine Qua Non I chose this one for three reasons:

1. I have done two sweet treats in a row that didn't contain chocolate. I'm having a withdrawal. This recipe has chocolate chips in it.

2. Michelle has been going through a tough time lately, and I want to give her as much virtual support as possible. She is a hilarious blogger and is also a fantastic cook. This chick has wicked knife skills and tackles recipes I would fear are too complicated to even order in a restaurant. I am a huge dork who breathlessly checks the blog on Friday morning to see what she smacked down on Thursday night. As I recently commented, my blogging world was enlightened the day she came to my blog and alerted me to hers. She is richly deserving of recognition.

3. The recipe just looked really good. (Chocolate+Coconut+Pecans=Superduperyummy!)

I didn't make any real adjustments to the recipe. I probably added more coconut and few pecans, but that's because I was short on the latter and love the former.

My verdict: I need to readjust the racks in my oven. I had a little of that issue with the crispy edges and almost-too-soft middle. Not terrible. Still quite tasty. Not the recipe's fault. Will make again.

Kevin's verdict: "Are you really going to take these to work? Please leave me some."

Coworker's verdict: No verbal feedback. However, they disappeared really quickly. Someone had brought in a german chocolate cake (store bought) and most of it is still there. My blondies were the first to go.

They look oddly shiny in this photo, don't they?

Would you prefer a closeup?


StickyGooeyCreamyChewy said...

I bookmarked the recipe for these little babies too. Yours look as good as Michelle's did. I've got to make them!!!

Darius T. Williams said...

Oh wow...your blondies look good. I'm convinced that anything homemade is the first to go in the office - lol.


Adam said...

How in the world do you get no feedback at work? I guess the fact they vanished may be good enough though :)

Blondies are great. I know you're a huge chocoholic... so it's nice you put a little in there.

noble pig said...

Oh yummy, I'm sure this satisfied your withdrawl cravings. They really look wonderful!

Emiline said...

Mmm, I want!

Dee said...

Well, of course you received no feedback. They're mouths were busy, innit ;)

I've never had/made blondies. Yes, I'm that pathetic. So it looks like I'll HAVE to make these - in the name of research, of course.

Lo said...

I'm thinking no verbal feedback is a sure sign of a winner!

These look absolutely fantastic. And they're making me crave sweets... NOT a good thing!

Sue said...

I hope you froze some to take on the airplane this week. Michelle's blog IS funny.