Monday, October 19, 2009

October is the New November

Over the weekend New York was suddenly covered under a nasty blanket of rain and cold. Ick ick ick. Me no likey! I'm supposed to be enjoying autumn, not bearing a winter blast. I didn't see any snow, but my mountain-dwelling horses did.

Food bloggers have picked up on a cold weather trend. When the cold hits, it's time to bake and it's time to braise. Slow-cooked soups and stews are on the menu when the temperature drops. I'm kind of weird that way that I cook the wrong things because I feel like it. That's why I fry chicken in 90-degree heat and make ice cream in February. I bake on a weekly basis all summer long.

This weekend I did manage to get it right. I really was in the mood for some slow-braised food. Of course in my household, the only thing I can braise is chicken. That's cool. I like braised chicken. For some reason my husband hasn't always appreciated the braised chicken recipes I've made for him. The effort I made making Ina Garten's coq au vin was a total flop. I did another recipe with white wine and mushrooms that also received a lukewarm response. Another braised chicken seemed risky, but I decided to go with my gut anyway. He knows he has two choices for dinner: Take it. Leave it.

It's autumn and it's time for apples, so I decided to start there. My chicken recipe isn't terribly original, but it was good.

Start by browning your chicken pieces well. I used assorted packages of thighs, legs, and breasts.

Next some onions go in that cook till translucent.

Add in some cider, brandy, sage, and chicken stock. (I managed to get a few more leaves out of my sage plant before it hibernates for the winter.) Reduce it down and put the chicken pieces back into the pan till cooked through.

Add a touch of cream before serving. Serve over noodles. NOODLES. Don't even think of serving it over anything else.

When I first added the liquids, I thought the flavors were too strong and aggressive, but by the time the dish was cooked, it was all sweet and mellow. Sir Pickypants loved it. This recipe is a keeper.

Speaking of keepers, in my previous blog I invented a new term for my recipes. If recipe is tasty and interesting and didn't flop, then obviously I want to post it on TERP. So a good recipe is TERP-worthy. Is that like spongeworthy? That's for you to decide.

Chicken in Brandy Cider and Cream Sauce

Assorted chicken parts of your choice
Salt and pepper
Olive oil for sauteeting
1 large onion, diced
1 Tbl chopped fresh sage
1 cup chicken stock
1 cup apple cider
1/2 cup brandy
1/4 cup cream
Cooked, buttered noodles of whatever shape you like

Season chicken parts with salt and pepper. Heat olive oil in a pan and brown the chicken well (about 10 minutes per side). Remove from pan.

Add onions to the pan and cook till translucent. Pour in the stock, cider, brandy, and sage. Do your best to scrape up EVERY. LAST. BROWN. BIT. FROM. THE. PAN. Thank you. Simmer and reduce down by about half. Return the chicken to the pan and let simmer for about 30 minutes, or until cooked through.

When chicken is cooked remove from pan and adjust sauce for seasoning. Add cream. Put chicken on top of your noodles and pour that sauce generously over it all.


Clumbsy Cookie said...

Well Octuber is the new September here in Portugal! Uo until today we had great weather lol! But any kind of weather is perfect to eat this dish!

Sue said...

Your rendition of Ina's Coq was NOT a full-on flop.(I just reread the post to make sure.) You just didn't get showered with the flattery and bouquets that you should have, but the dish itself was good, wasn't it?

This sounds so much like the duck breasts I made last night. I just added half of everything and then I didn't have to reduce it all.

Sue said...

I'm slow. I don't get how you got TERP. Tasty and interesting recipes should be TAIR.

The Short (dis)Order Cook said...

CC - Thanks. Fortunately I'm not the type of person who waits for weather to cook anything. I'm totally impractical that way. ;-)

Sue - You are too sweet, but TERP stands for The Essential Rhubarb Pie.

Yeah, the dish was good, but not only did it get a lukewarm response from SPP, but the blog didn't say that he REFUSED to eat any leftovers. I had to finish them myself.

Now I want to do this with duck breasts. Yummy!

Proud Italian Cook said...

Brandy cider cream sauce, I'm sold!
I want to make this, I just bought a gallon of cider.

Lo said...

Well, doesn't that just sound perfect? I love the flavors here -- and if Sir Pickypants loves it, well wouldn't anyone?? :)

October IS the new November around here too. And I'm a bit irritated... unless, of course, God is just saving autumn for me so that I can have time to enjoy it (cuz October has been nuts)... if that's the case, I won't look a gift horse in the mouth!

Sue said...

I knew that, I really did, I just had a brain freeze.