Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Recommendation for My Local Peeps

I'm not an Ace of Cakes kind of gal. Showy cakes aren't my thing. My primary concern for any party is a cake that tastes good. In fact, I would prefer my guests are more wowed more by the way my cake tastes than how it looks. Even for my own wedding I sought a cake that would taste divine and not look like Bernini threw up on it. I was lucky I found it at Wedding Cakes Online, but that's not whom this post is about.

That's one of the reasons I always like to make my own desserts for dinner parties. I know that when it comes to baking I don't have the most dexterity. I don't do pretty when it comes to sweets. What I like is quality. Any dessert that comes out of my kitchen is made with lots of love and the best ingredients I can afford. I prefer eating one of my lopsided cakes to something from a bakery that looks pretty, but tastes like a pile of sugar. (The other reason is that I'm a huge diva and I want to be loved and admired for my delicious desserts.)

This past weekend I threw a big surprise 50th birthday party for Sir Pickypants. I gathered about 30 of our closest friends and family members to a restaurant and sprung them on him. It was a great night.

When it came to dessert though, I knew it wasn't something I could do myself. I don't have the time or the kitchen to bake that much birthday cake. Also, let's face it, I don't want everyone I know looking at one of my lopsided cakes. I would need to go out and buy something. I needed a cake that would look respectable, but would make my chocolate-loving husband smile with joy over the taste.

Enter Nancy.

Who is Nancy? Well, she's someone I have known since I was in elementary school. Like many old school folks, we didn't see each other after high school graduation. I can remember certain things about Nancy from school. She had a sharp tongue on her when we were little (she and our friend DeeDee were dangerous together!). She and I were in the same Italian class in high school. Signora Miscella, the woman responsible for me being the one person in the world who doesn't mind Giada's accent, absolutely loved her "Nunziata" in that class. (In case you're going to ask, no Mrs. Miscella didn't favor me like she favored Nancy. She picked on me a lot, but once said I was one of her best students, then put on my report card that I frequently disturbed the class. It was weird.) I also had Nancy's little sister Susan in my group for a couple of summers when I worked as a day camp counselor.

When the reunion planning was in full swing and the Harrison High School Class of '88 finally began getting in touch with each other, I learned something. Nancy now had her own business.

Nancy's Cakes specializes in just the kind of cake I was looking for. There are no novelty cakes or overdone sugar mountains. These are just simple cakes with very high quality ingredients. When it came time to find a cake for Kevin's birthday party, there really was no other place to go.

I opted for a chocolate cake with raspberry filling and rich ganache on the outside. The filling had fresh raspberries inside (even got the seeds in my teeth to prove it) and sank ever so deliciously into the cake layers. The ganache was rich without being too thick and heavy. A more perfect cake could not have been imagined.

I know there aren't too many Westchester readers of this blog, but for all of you out there, I strongly recommend you give Nancy a try if you need a cake. You won't be disappointed.


Donna-FFW said...

Happy Bday to Pickypants. Harrison High? I went to sacred heart high, yes catholic, in Yonkers. Iona College in new rochelle, hung out in clubs in Port chester. Had a boyfriend there. Had a crush on a guy named Danny from Harrison.. I miss Westchester.

The Blonde Duck said...

Happy birthday!!! That sounds like a wonderful cake! And how wonderful to have a great back up (though I would happily eat a lop-sided cake.)

noble pig said...

Does does do national sales, LOL! Beautiful cake!

peter said...

We're in Ulster, and we have some pretty badass cake-bakers up here in the sticks. But I've always been more of a cake wrecks kinda guy.

The Blonde Duck said...

The connection will be revealed shortly...

Emily said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY KEVIN! Wheee! That's a huge birthday.

I think the cake looks excellent. I wish I had gotten to try it. I LOVE chocolate and raspberry together.

Sue said...

You're so wonderful to have planned that for your mister. Did he really have NO idea? You've set the bar high for your next big one.

That cake looks fantastic. I hope you got to take some home. MUCH better than Halloween candy.