Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Celebrity Booksigning are Insane!

Does the Pioneer Woman even count as a "celebrity"? Well, she certainly does among food bloggers if Saturday's booksigning is any indication.

When I heard she published a cookbook, I thought it would be nice to get it. I put it on my Amazon wish list. My mother, the woman from whom I inherited my desire to get Christmas shopping done extra early, bought it for me right away. Although she tried to not look at it, she couldn't resist the photos. When she needed a mashed potato recipe to take to Thanksgiving dinner, she used the PW version (and it was gooooood).

I told her a few days later that I was thinking of going to the city for the booksigning, with hopes I might meet up with a few other bloggers. She had to make the confession she already bought me the book. When she told me how much she liked it, I told her to just keep it. I would have bought the book anyway.

I find it so funny that a health nut with vegetarian leanings like my mother would like the Pioneer Woman, but I guess that's a testament to the writing style and photography. I know the recipes on that blog aren't everyone's cup of tea, and not everyone likes that whole "folksy" deal either, but she does what she does very well. I have to say that folksy or not, she usually has impeccable grammar. Too many bloggers out there don't know the proper usage of lie and lay and it irks me.

I arrived at 10:40 for an 11 AM booksigning at Posman Books in Chelsea Market. The line was already out the door, going down the hallway, looping back up the hallway behind the store.

Then it was cut off across the main passageway and continued down another hall.

I always think of Pioneer Woman as having the most appeal for midwestern housewives, yet here we were in NYC and the masses were gathered. I can guarantee most of those women there weren't housewives.

I managed to do some chatting on line with folks. I had been hoping to meet some bloggers I actually knew, which didn't happen. I did talk to a couple of people who were familiar with my blog! Wow! It's hard to believe I have any renknown with strangers.

Sometime around 1PM I got my book signed. I had no idea what to say to her. I didn't want to just stand there and be silent, but I didn't want to be a gushing fan who would tell her for the 1000th time, "OMG. I love your blog!" I gave her the anecdote about my mother. She told me to send Mom her regards.

Was it worth the trek to the city on one of the coldest days in December during the worst time of year for crowds (Oh how I hate Christmas in NYC with the throngs of tourists crowds gawking everywhere)?

I'm glad I bought the autographed book, but I can tell you I will never do this again. (Well, maybe when Emily publishes her cookbook and becomes famous, but not for anyone else.) If this is the kind of crowd a popular blogger gets, I can't even imagine what it would be like for a real celebrity chef. Heaven help the folks who stand on long lines for a book by Giada DeLaurentis or Tyler Florence!
This bookstore was right below the Food Network studios. I can't help but wonder if Tuschie has his eye on her.


Bellini Valli said...

There is a lot of buzz for Ree's cookbook. So exciting for her.She get's 100's of comments, can you imagine now after the book.

The Blonde Duck said...

Was she nice? She seems so nice.

Emily said...

I always get so excited and surprised when you mention me! That's sweet of you to say, but sadly it will never happen and I will wait tables full of hillbillies the rest of my life.

I went to NYC at Christmas one year and it was amazing! I bet it's a pain to drive there though.

That's so cool that you were recognized in line!

Donna-FFW said...

Oh how I wish I could have gone. You look fabulous. How wonderful you got to meet her. SO jealous. Call mr Grinch, Im green.