Thursday, January 14, 2010

A Week of Ruining Adapting Blogger Recipes

After my Sunday cooking adventures I think I got burnt out coming up with new stuff. Monday was back to turkey burgers!

Rather than try to dream up yet another new recipe, I opted to just see what other bloggers offered me.

Wednesday night dinner inspired by Proud Italian Cook.

The recipe was pistachio-crusted pork chops. That's not gonna fly in my house if I don't want to eat alone. I made pistachio-crusted chicken breasts using the same method. Delicious.

Then I had a party on Saturday night where I was instructed to bring the dessert.

I had a bag of chocolate chips in the house and was craving coconut. I decided to just google chocolate chips and coconut and see what I came up with.

What's really funny is that even when I randomly google, I end up in the same place. I found one of the top hits was Emily's Chocolate Chip and Coconut Bread Pudding. How I love bread pudding.

I had to adapt it for a bigger pan though as I was feeding a fairly large crowd. Emily's recipe is for an 8" square pan. I wanted to make it in a 9x13 inch pan.

I started with 2 loaves of challah. I increased the coconut milk and cream to a cup each. I just threw pretty much all of the coconut, chips, and white chips I had in there without measuring. I also coated the top with so much coconut that it looked like a major snowstorm had fallen on it prior to my putting it in the oven. I also doubled the number of eggs. That was my one mistake. I had meant to put 6, but just kind of fell into dreamland while making the pudding and used 8. I thought my bread pudding was just a little too tight. It hardly mattered. It was a huge hit all around (although I cringed when a party guest, a woman who works for Martha Stewart, kept saying it was "Yumm-O"). Emily gets kudos once again.

On to a new week. I'm only home for three days this week before I head off to Chicago for a visit with Kevin's family. We're also going to live taping of NPR's Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me. Hopefully I'll have some culinary adventures while I'm there.


Donna-FFW said...

Some of the best recipes I make come from other bloggers. They both sound like winners.

Susan @ SGCC said...

Both recipes sound terrific! I love using ground nuts as coatings. I've tried a pistachio coating on fish before and it was great!

Have fun in Chicago!

noble pig said...

The title cracked me up and that bread pudding made me swoon.

Bellini Valli said...

It all sounds delicious!!!!

Proud Italian Cook said...

So glad you liked it. Sounds great with chicken, I'm going to try that next! Weather in the 30's here all this week, no bitter cold, could spring be in the air?

The Short (dis)Order Cook said...

Donna - Bloggers are a whole new world of recipes, aren't they? They're better than any cookbook I ever owned.

Susan - I kow you put a pistachio coating on fish because I borrowed the recipe off of your blog too once. :-)

Cathy - You must try the bread pudding.

Val- Thanks.

PIC - Thanks for leeting me know. I fear being snowed in. The pistachio coating was awesome!

Sue said...

Wait, so what happened to your knee? Is it better?

That's a lot of cooking, you've been doing...You have lucky friends...and husband, of course. The chicken sounds good and the bread pudding must have been heavenly.

Emily said...

Sooo jealous. Have fun! Come swing by southwest MO if you want. Hahahahahahahahahahahaha.

I can't believe you made something again by me! That makes me feel so good.

I have coconut on hand right now. Should I make coconut cream pie? Hmmm. I think it's a good idea. Too bad it's midnight.

Now I'm rambling. I had something else to say, but now I've forgotten what. Oh well.

The Blonde Duck said...

I love turkey burgers and bread pudding.

Lo said...

Don't you just love how inspiring bloggers are? :) LOL. I find some of my best inspiration on the Web, and almost all of it from other bloggers.

Despite your title, I think you did a fine job :)

The Blonde Duck said...

I could talk about pie for hours as well.

And do, much to Ben's dismay.

The Blonde Duck said...

Bitty comes bolting across the house when the dryer door opens...

Kurdistan said...

amazing recipe its my favorite

Clumbsy Cookie said...

You can't go wrong with Emily's recipes! The bread pudding is amazing!

Complaint Department Manager said...

If you're going to Chi-town, you simply MUST visit Geno's East and Ed Debevics, you won't regret it.

Trust me.

PageRank Check said...

i love the pudding recipe