Sunday, June 27, 2010

One of the Strangest Things I Ever Cooked

Last week I bought these really good chutneys at the farmer's market.

I wasn't sure what I was going to do with them. The tomato one tasted pretty good cooked into a turkey burger and I sitll had half a jar left.

I learned a long time ago that hard boiled eggs are great in curry sauce as an alternate protein. I thought about doing a cheat and cooking some eggs and serving them with the chutney over rice with a vegetable. It would be a nice simple meal for a Friday night.

I roasted some cauliflower and boiled up some eggs. I was good to go.

Then I realized I had no rice.

I had polenta and I had barley. Those were the only starches in the house. I wasn't up to going out and buying more rice on a Friday night. I asked Sir Pickypants which he would prefer.

Polenta was cooked in chicken broth with a hint of tumeric. Dumped slices of egg along with the cauliflower on top of it along with the tomato chutney.

Husband loved it, so I must have done something right. It's amazing how good strange combinations could be.


katiez said...

That would have been a tough choice - I love both barley and polenta. Love what you did with the chutneys. I wonder if I can make tomato chutney.....

The Blonde Duck said...

What is a chutney?

Sue said...

I LOVE how that meal came together and you are so right that eggs are fantastic in a curry sauce.

Isn't it great when a single ingredient (your chutney) can inspire all kinds of imaginative creations?