Thursday, July 1, 2010

Can Cookies Make Friends?

Before I delve into the food part of this food blog, I have an announcement to make. After months of deliberating and changing my mind a hundred times, and having a blog up with nothing more than "watch this space" on it, I have moved my other blog Shipwrecked & Comatose to Blogger. I realized that it was just silly to try to keep going back and forth from Blogger to MySpace to maintain two blogs. It just made sense in the end to have both blogs here. If you're interested in hearing what I have to say about non-food topics, please go over and visit. To paraphrase Seinfeld, it's a blog about nothing.

On to the food stuff.

I have decided this summer to nix the official Sweet Treat of the Week. I found that trying to bake something every single week tended to shrink my wallet and expand my waistline just a bit too much. That doesn't mean I don't want to try to bake regularly. I just don't want to be obsessed with it. I don't want to feel obliged to always be baking something just for the sake of this blog.

That being said, I have a very special urge to bake lately.

This summer I have been assigned some new duties at work. Three years ago the small company I work for was acquired and became a subsidiary of a BIG CORPORATION. Big Corporation recently decided that the customer care folks were way too specialized. We shouldn't just know our own stuff. We should be able to assist clients in the research for our sister companies too.

I was one of the colleagues elected to go cross-train on a sister company's product. I now go to NYC two days a week for training at the Sister Company office.

Sister Company's corporate culture is way different from my own office. We are just a bunch of big noisy goofballs where I work and we like it that way. Everything from the way we interact to the way we dress is super-casual. Sister Company is totally coporate. Walk into that office and it's like a church. Everyone is all business. Hardly anyone outside of my immediate coworkers has bothered to introduce themselves. I'm not sure everyone knows who I am or what I'm doing there - and it's not a big office!

I decided I should try to sweeten them up by baking something for them. Perhaps if I left them some goodies in the kitchen, they might come over and learn a bit more about who is doing the baking.

So my next question is what to bake. Since I'm not going to be baking every week, I really see no reason in trying to stick with any sort of theme. Still, I had a lot of success baking recipes from other bloggers two summers ago. Why not search the blogs. Again, which blog?

I had a revelation. I've been a long time fan of Two Peas and Their Pod, but I wasn't sure if I had ever actually baked any of the delicious desserts on there. Maria is obviously a talented baker and yet I was treating that blog as just a source of good reading and good porn. I found that both astounding and unacceptable. I decided that would be the first place I would look.

Going to Maria's recipe index I started to think that if I wanted to do a Sweet Treat of the Week with an official theme, I could probably go the entire summer making nothing but recipes from that blog! What a collection. So much chocolate!

I ended up choosing Toffee Chocolate Brownies for this particular project. They looked chocolatey and they had a little twist to them.

For the toffee, I dumped a bag of Heath Bits O' Brickle into the batter and sprinkled another half a bag on top.

Chocolatey indeed. I can't even call these "fudgy" because that's an understatement. You might as well just call them "fudge". These have a half a pound of chocolate and only 1/3 cup flour in them. If I added more chocolate to these, I think it would be declared illegal or soemthing. They would be a deadly weapon (because you could die of chocolate happiness).

Did I succeed in my mission to make friends?

Well, coworkers seemed reluctant to try them at first. In my Connecticut office, my colleagues would have swooped down and snarfed every last brownie before noon. It took all day for these brownies to disappear. I had two coworkers who never talked to me before eat them and thank me for bringing them. Everyone else just ate them, ignoring the note I left with them in the kitchen. Maybe next time I should go from desk to desk and serve the personally? Maybe the more I bake, the more they will show their appreciation and love?

Who knows? I know I just enjoyed some good brownies today!


bellini valli said...

Dang good brownies at that:D

warner (aka ntsc) said...

I work a temp job in Census administration. Clerical work way below the level of anybody in our group (we include engineers, a lawyer and a retired police chief).

22 weeks ago my wife decided to send me in on a Monday with cookies. Since then she has neither missed a week or repeated herself.

I am often followed from the office door to the break room on Mondays (this week will be Tuesday because most of the office is off).

Sue said...

You're so nice to do that for all those corporate types. But if they don't know who you are, how will they know who is baking these wonderful things? I think you should bake on a regular basis (chocolate is never wrong) and send them TO ME! I'll thank you each and every time. I promise!

Sue said...

PS Your new blog looks so pretty! I like it.

The Duo Dishes said...

Maybe those folks just aren't friendly. :) Honestly, if someone takes the time out of their non-work day to bake something and then bring it to work, they are awesome!

The Short (dis)Order Cook said...

Val - They sure were. I did manage to sample some, so at least I got something out of it!

Warner - Your wife sounds like my SIL's sister. She is a fantastic Latin American cook and her coworkers were always nosing around her lunch wanting to taste her homemade food. It got to the point that they would be sampling before she could even eat it herself. Finally she began cooking for her coworkers once a week.

Sue - I put a note on the brownies. Granted they might not have known who "Rachel" was, but I had hoped they would try to find out. Thanks for checking out the other blog!

DD - So you would think. I'm going to try to bake a few more times and see if it improves anything.

The Blonde Duck said...

I love fudge. Is there a PB and white chocolate version of this?

Cyndy said...

I LOVE brownies and these look to DIE for good. Gee, i'd follow you around the office for one!

Thanks for the sweet note on the Pineapple Martini. After seeing this, i'll have to come up with a chocolate one..............maybe rimmed in brownie crumbs.....geez, now I want a brownie!

Donna-FFW said...

Tough crowd NYC. Maybe they are all watching their figures? They looks so scrumptious, how could anyone resist? I would do as you say and keep bringing them in. In my experience though, it will become expected of you .. I have to prepare food for firemen 2-3 times a week because I started to send things in with my hubby..

The Blonde Duck said...

In your expert opinion, do you think PB blondies match up to Blondies?

Clumbsy Cookie said...

My personal experience is that cookies DO make friends! I always say that pastry chefs are the persons with most friends in the world ;)