Monday, July 12, 2010

New Kid in Town Part 8 - Piri Q

The restaurants in my neighborhood just keep coming and coming. This weekend we had the chance to try the latest, Piri Q.

This one went up sort of stealthily It was an empty storefront for so long I don't even remember what was there previously. Then one day I started seeing the windows covered in signs that said, "Chef Rui Correira". I had no idea what that meant. Obviously a restaurant was opening in that spot with a chef named Rui Correira,but that was all I knew. I later found out that Rui Correira owns, or was chef of , one or two other restaurants in the area. As Mamaroneck has become restaurant central in the past year or two, I guess he thought he would take a gamble on my neighborhood.

As the restaurant slowly began to prepare for opening, I was still unsure what this new place would be called or what type of restaurant it would be. Rui Correira sounded Portuguese to me, but would the restaurant be Portuguese or Brazilian or something else entirely unrelated to the ethnic background of the chef? Even when I found out the restaurant's actual name was Piri Q, I had no clue what it meant.

It finally opened Fourth of July weekend. I learned online that it would be a Portuguese restaurant. That was intriguing. My neighborhood is so heavy on the Asian and Latino. Portuguese was something completely new. I had never been to a Portuguese restaurant before.

The weekend it opened we walked by and peeked in the windows on our way to another restaurant. When we walked in this past Saturday, the hostess said she remembered seeing us walk by the week before. It was a little creepy, but maybe Kevin and I just have distinctive faces.

The restaurant isn't large, but it's airy enough with a pleasant decor that's not too over the top.

They gave us some excellent garlic bread. So bad for us!

My meal was a steak in a spicy sauce topped with an egg sitting on fried potatoes. It's very easy for a steak of this thickness to be overcooked quickly, but the chef did a perfect job in making sure that didn't happen. The sauce was wonderful. The potatoes were out of this world. Even the ones that were under the steak, soaking up the sauce were still crispy.

Kevin had grilled shrimp served with saffron rice and grilled string beans. He loved both the seasoning and the string beans.

I really need to look up some Portuguese recipes so I can create that spice combo at home.

His dessert was a fairly conventional brownie. They served it warm and it smelled wonderful.

I had a Portuguese tart that had a custard filling in a flaky pastry. It reminded me of the Italian sfoglia pastries you get at the bakeries. Unfortunately, this was the worst part of my meal. Pastry was soggy and tough.

With the exception of my dessert, this was a great meal with friendly and attentive service. We will definitely have this on our regular restaurant rotation in the future. I've also discovered a new cuisine. Welcome to the neighborhood, Piri Q!


Donna-FFW said...

Nice review, I enjoyed reading it. What town? Mamaroneck, Rye?

The Blonde Duck said...

I love a good, thick steak.

Emily said...

Nice review. I've never had Portuguese food, either. It all sounds good!

That is creepy about the hostess, though... :)

Sue said...

I love it when new places open up and they're actually good! If they're good at the beginning, then things can only get better.

I would eat a fried egg on top of just about anything and Kevin's rice also looked sooo good.

I would think, judging by the name of the restaurant, that Kevin's sauce was probably a piri piri sauce, which is a yummy chili pepper sauce.

Jessica said...

Sorry you had a problem with the pastry, but I'm glad you liked the rest of your meal. It's great to have options, isn't it?