Monday, August 9, 2010

A Brief Interlude in Baltimore – Miss Shirleys

I took a quick trip down to Baltimore this past weekend. It was to attend a surprise birthday party for my oldest BFF. She was kind enough to attend my surprise party last month, so I was very excited to be going to hers.

It was a lovely afternoon pool party at the home of one of her Baltimore friend’s parents, but it’s not what I’m writing about today.

The next day I had a few hours before my train left for New York, so I was happy to have a few hours with my friend all to myself. She suggested we have brunch at Miss Shirley’s. She was quite adamant that I had to try this place and that I would indeed love it.

Miss Shirley was the name of my ballet teacher when I was in elementary school. She was a crusty old broad who chain smoked in class, taught hokey dance routines, and was sarcastic and abrasive to her students at times. She called me her “talker”. Yeah. If you think I talk too much now, you should have seen me as a kid. I made a vow not to let any prejudices about the name get in the way of enjoyment of my food.

The place is lovely from the outside with beautiful flowers planted along the sidewalk. (The birthday girl is the one standing up in green.)

Inside is equally charming.

The menu is overwhelming. I dare anyone who eats there to just try to pick something quickly. Try to pick among things like stuffed coconut french toast with mascarpone and bananas, and almond joy panccakes, and pineapple upside down pancakes, and fried chicken and waffles, and crab benedict, and egg, ham, and fried chicken sandwiches on waffles and margarita omlets. Just try it. I dare you to try to choose within a few minutes on your first visit there. Don't even try to turn the menu over and look at the lunch options. Your brain will explode. Even the "healthier options" are tempting here. You will not be able to choose your meal quickly.

We did eventually have to choose. We couldn't sit there all day. People were outside waiting for tables. We started with some wonderful friend green tomatoes that I neglected to get a photo of. Sorry about that. They were the best fried green tomatoes I ever had.

My main course was a "Southern Slammer" (would I go to prison if I didn't like it?). It was a sandwich of cheese, bacon, egg, and avocado on pumpernickel. I decided to try some hash browns on the side.

My dining companion went for something a bit more classic: Two eggs with bacon, hash browns, and a biscuit.

I also drank a strawberry lemonade with my meal, which I could tell by the taste was made entirely with fresh fruit.

I went back home to NY with a happy heart and full belly. Next time I visit Baltimore, I am definitely coming back here!


The Blonde Duck said...

How cute!! When I was little, I danced for years at a studio called Miss Shirley McCaines! It must be a dance teacher thing!

Emily said...

Man, that sandwich sounds incredible. Egg and avocado are so good together. And I love pumpernickel.