Wednesday, September 29, 2010

One More Before I Go

Sorry if TERP has been a bit slient lately. I've been running around like that proverbial chicken with her head cut off trying to handle mutltiple projects at work, tie up loose ends, and try to finish all of the packing and planning for my upcoming vacation. I have at least made sure to stop by everyone's blog and say hello before I go away.

I did manage to do as I promised and make the risotto with the Noble Pig wine. I love making risotto. It's just a soul-pleasing dish, and while it takes a bit of atention, it isn't difficult.

My risotto was a basic recipe flavored with lemon juice, lemon zest and wine. I added half a large package of frozen chopped broccoli and some toasted pine nuts. On top I added some browned sweet Italian sausage for some added protein. For Sir Pickypants I simply thawed some frozen shrimp. It was a happy dish all around.

Oh, about that vacation, if you haven't been reading my blogs lately, or haven't been paying attention to my endless, long-winded comments on your blogs (what is it about my tendency toward novel-length comments on blogs?), I'll let you know now that I'm leaving for Paris on Saturday. I've never been to Paris. I have always wanted to go.

A year ago I realized I was turning a certain age and that life was getting shorter and it was time to make things happen. I started putting small amounts of money in an envelope every week, hoping to save enough for a nice Paris trip. With a little help from generous family members at Christmas and birthdays, I was able to make it happen. Now when I have lunch with other food bloggers and they start discussing whether or not Parisians are snooty, I can actually participate in the conversation and stop feeling like such an uncultured bumpkin.

There will be blogs when I return. I will blog about the food. I will blog about the non-food. I plan to eat in as many restaurants as possible and see every tourist attraction I can. (I am a tourist taking her first time in Paris. I'm entitled to visit the big tourist spots!)

I am very excited to be trying the food in Paris. I'm just quite overwhelmed by my choices. Everyone has a recommendation for me and I don't even know where to start. I was told yesterday by someone online that I should make reservations 10 days in advance! Did I mention I'm leaving Saturday night? How am I supposed to make decisions about where I want to eat in a place I've never been? I also have had some sticker shock at the cost of some places in Paris. Eating out isn't cheap. But what's the alternative? Thanks to Emily, I've learned that the food in France isn't always as sublime as expected, (although I can't wait for the ice cream). It's probably best to spend money on quality. All I can say is it's our vacation, and it's also our anniversary (on October 6th). We are just going to have to do some spending.

Don't miss me too much while I'm away. One downside of going to Paris this weekend is that I'm missing the family pig roast. I asked my brother if he would cover it for the blog. He said he would be happy to, so drop by and say hi while I'm gone.


Proud Italian Cook said...

Oh what a great vacation you will have! The cheese, the pastries, you'll be in food heaven. Have a wondrful and safe trip!

Velva said...

Enjoy your time away! We will be here when you return. Fabulous risotto dish.

Sue said...

Enjoy every single second. I know you will!

Have a tarte aux framboises for me. No, make that a flan aux abricots, or a coffee religieuses. Oh, have all three, you lucky thing! I forgot the croque madame, have one of those too.

Erik said...

You've reminded me of how much I like risotto. I think I've only made it once but it really should be a staple. I might even be able to get the kids to like it.

I'm looking forward to acting as lechonero (Spanish for pig cooker) tomorrow and will be sure to post all about it. Sorry you'll miss it but you're going to have a wondeful trip!

bellini valli said...

Enjoy that much needed vacation!!!!

peter said...

Have a great trip- I won't burden you with any more restaurant recommendations. But I will offer this: when you get there, drink lots of coffee and walk around all day Sunday. DO NOT TAKE A NAP. Then, after dinner, go to bed at 10PM. You'll wake up early, but you'll have broken the jet lag pretty well.

If you nap, you'll be up til 4AM. Trust me.

The flea market at Porte de Vanves is an excellent place to spend a few hours on a Sunday afternoon trying not to fall asleep.

The Blonde Duck said...

Have a wonderful time!

Emily said...

Happy anniversary! I hope you guys had a great trip! Paris is amazing... just don't go with EF tours. ;0

Can't wait to read your blog posts.