Sunday, July 17, 2011

Birthday Dinner at The Bedford Post Inn

It isn't easy staying 29.  Since as of yesterday I have now been 29 for 12 years, we needed some serious celebration. 

When it came time to choose a restaurant this year, SPP gave me free rein over the choices.  I was growing tired of the options in my immediate neighborhood.  This town and the towns that immediately surround it are not exactly chock full of occasion restaurnts and we have eaten at the few that exist 10 times over.  It was time to stop being lazy and actually do some driving and explore the surrounding areas a bit.

I knew what some of the popular occasion restaurants are, but I had no concept of just how popular they are.  Nearly two weeks ago I started calling around for reservations, only to find that not many restaurants had reasonable times available. I was tempted to call the French restaurant down the end of my block and call it a day, but I persevered and got a table at the Bedford Post Inn Farmhouse.

The Bedford Post is a restored historic complex in the tony town of Bedford and owned by Richard Gere (we have friends who live in Bedford are friendly with Richard Gere, Kevin suggested at one point we use that connection to get us a good table - fortunately, we didn't need to).  It's a beautiful building with gorgeous landscaping all around.  There are two restaurants: the more casual Barn, and the upscale Farmhouse.  These are farm-to-table restaurants.  The property also contains a yoga studio and a B&B.

Inside the decor is kind of understated.  It doesn't go for that all-out country kitsch, but goes for something a bit more modern.  Colors are neutral without too many patterns.  This little sitting area was right behind our table.

When the hostess saw me snapping photos, she offered to take a photo of the entire family at the table.  Our server was kind enough to pose with us!

Time to get down to the business of eating.  They brought us an amuse bouche of eggplant marinated in olive oil.  Not bad considering I don't have much love for eggplant.

I have to apologize for some of these photos.  The light was never quite right whether I used the flash or not.

Not all of us had appetizers, and those of us who did, stuck to the veggie ones.  I had this wonderful salad of very fresh mozzarella topped with plums, pistachio, and basil oil..  The plums were a bit underripe and the tartness of it went well with the sweetness of the cheese and the basil.  Truly a brilliant dish. I could eat this for lunch every day.

(I think I had a slightly better photo than this, but accidentally deleted it).

My main course was a giant pork chop on a bed of corn puree with mushrooms, pecorino, arugula and more corn.  I wish I could describe how good this chop smelled when they put it down in front of me.  It was cooked nicely (no dried-out, overcooked pork) and so delicious.  The rest of the family ate branzino or halibut.  The presentation of the branzino was gorgeous.  I wish I had taken a photo.  My mother's boyfriend thought the portion of halibut was too small though. 

We ordered a side of asparagus.  They cook this on their woodburning grill outside on the patio.  You could taste it.

Then of course we had to have dessert.  I chose a gianduja semifreddo.  The chocolate coating encased a super-rich and creamy hazelnut filling inside that sat on a thin bed of chocolate cake.  The cake was a bit dry, which was the only flaw in the dessert, and in the meal really.  See the nice presentation!

Most of the rest of the table went with this rather unusual presentation of strawberry short cake.

We found that Bedford Post is like a tonier and more local version of our beloved Iron Forge Inn.  After dinner Kevin remarked that it will definitely be on our rotation of special occasion restaurants. We will be back when the occasion calls for it (and I want the same server).  It definitely must remain a special occasion restaurant though.   I freaked when I saw the bill.  We were definitely not their typical clientele.  As we left the restaurant and waited for the valet to get our car, we observed all of the cars in parking lot.  Kevin remarked that his car was most certinaly the only Hyundai!


Emily said...

Happy birthday!

This seems like a wonderful dinner! So fancy! I wonder if that strawberry shortcake was good...

I'm glad you guys had a nice time!

The Blonde Duck said...

My mom turned 29 too. :)

I hope you had a great birthday!

The Blonde Duck said...

Have you ever made gluten free quickbread?