Thursday, May 24, 2012

How Do You Say Goodbye?

Tomorrow I leave my job of 13 years.

My time at this company seems to have flown by, but looking back on it, 13 years is a pretty significant chunk of my life.  It's as long as I spent in public school.  When I started with the company I was single as were many of my coworkers.  In the time I was there I saw many marriages (including my own) and births of many of coworkers' children. I have said over the years that my job is not my life and it only supports my "real" life, but now as I'm leaving, and think of all of my friends, I realize my job needs a little more credit.

One gift I have always given my coworkers has been a steady supply of baked goods.  The office was always the place to easily dispose of holiday leftovers, or a place to test new recipes, or simply a place to dump things I made because I had a cravings and don't want extras around the house.

In recent months I have hardly baked for them at all.  No, I'm not angry with them because I was laid off.  No one in my office is responsible for that decision.  I can only blame the corporate bigwigs in Denver, who don't know me at all and don't care if they ever do.  I just wasn't baking because I was trying to distance myself from the office a bit, trying not to care about about the people too much.

Now that I'm leaving, I find myself wanting to do this for them one (or maybe more than one) last time.

Last week I decided to go with cookies.  I made my favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe of all time.  Emily's Best Ever Chocolate Chip Cookies.  I love these cookies. 

I have now sworn I will never make them again though because I can't resist them when I bake them.  I find myself reaching for them at the office.   I leave a few at home for SPP and end up eating most of them myself.  I'm trying to lose weight here! 

I admit I don't make them with the candied walnuts though.  I agree nuts are good in a cookie, but I never know just how many walnuts I can eat before it triggers and allergic reactions.  My allergic reactions are not severe, but they are uncomfortable, so I try to avoid them.

This week, I came home from a job interview for a new position in NYC and decided to bake a cake.  I made My First Chocolate Cake.  I had wanted to experiment with different dairy products to see how they changed the texture, so I tried sour cream this time.

Now that I learned to make Swiss meringue buttercream I decided I would use it to frost the cake.  I made mine white chocolate flavored for contrast.  Then I stirred in mini chocolate chips.

It sadly got a bit overbaked.  My oven went from baking everything too slowly to baking everything too quickly.  Edges were dry, but the center was decent.  People certainly ate it.

I must say another goodbye.  This time it's to you, My dear TERP Muffins.  Don't worry!  It's not permanent.  Sir Pickypants and I are headed on a vacation to the southwest where we will be touring Bryce, Zion, and the Grand Canyon.  If the food is worth blogging about, you will be sure to hear all about it!  See you when I get back.


Blond Duck said...

Ever since I went freelance, I don't bake as much either. Ben's on a diet and it's not fun to bake for yourself.

Blond Duck said...

Have a great Memorial day!

bellini said...

Have a wonderful vacation!!!!

Emily said...

Change is good. I know you will find a job at a company that deserves you.

I hope you have a good vacation!