About Me:

I'm a huge goofball with no culinary training (except for 8th grade Home Ec class and a day class at the Institute for Culinary Education) and a massive appetite.  Cooking and baking are one among my many passions.  When I'm out of the kitchen I also enjoy riding my ponies Baby and Riddle, tap and jazz dancing (I love ballroom too, but my partner had the audacity to move away), acting, singing, and outdoorsy stuff.  I can never resist a bad pun or a reference to something geeky and these are a major part of my blog. 

I live in the NYC suburbs and work my day job in NYC.  People who live in the city mistakenly and naively refer to my home as "upstate", but I live about as downstate as one can live without living in the city itself.  I do consider myself lucky that I can have the experience of eating and shopping in Manhattan, and being able to add that to my blog, while still living away from the insanity.  To city dwellers I'm completely uninteresting.  To folks outside the metro area, I'm interesting, but not as interesting as the bloggers who are actual city dwellers.  I accept that.

I'm not exactly your stereotypical "foodie".  I can be a very picky eater at times.  I shun seafood, olives, grapefruit, peas, lima beans, and blue cheeses of all sorts.  Complicating this further is I'm married to an equally picky guy who shuns many of the foods I love (beef, lamb, pork, peppers) and loves many of the foods I hate (peas and seafood)!  Cooking foods that both of us love is an adventure.

I really love pie.  And ice cream. And chocolate.

About The Essential Rhubarb Pie:

Because I'm so passionate about eating, I love talking about food.  For many years I dreamed of having some kind of published outlet for my thoughts about food and my recipes.  Once I learned of this idea of "food blogs", I knew I had to start one.  I could start a dialog on food issues - great and trivial - and also archive my recipes for both myself and for my friends and family.

I believe that every recipe is "a story about food" and to that end, I really try to show where every recipe on this blog comes from.  Every recipe starts with inspiration.  Sometimes that inspiration comes from another blog.  Sometimes it comes from a magazine or television show.  Sometimes it starts with a new ingredient I see at the store.  I will occasionally cook other people's recipes, but I mostly enjoy taking what I learn from other recipes and making each one my own.  I try to take you through the whole process of inspiration through the finished recipe.

Why is this blog called The Essential Rhubarb Pie?  This will explain it.  No, I'm not terribly fond of rhubarb pie.  Yes, I am completely insance.