Thursday, July 17, 2008

I Won't Keep You in Suspense Any Longer

I had a really awesome birthday yesterday. After a lovely facial at Bliss (courtesy of my brother-in-law and his family) I joined Kevin at his office and he revealed where we were going.

To my surprise, he hadn't really carefully planned dinner or made any reservations. He knows I love Thai Food, so he had thought Yum Yum Bangkok Thai would be the best bet as it's right down the street from his office. It was crowded and we didn't get a good table. The people at the table behind us were loud and obnoxious. We decided to leave. It wasn't a good birthday dinner restaurant.

Restaurant Row was right on the way to the theater so Kevin thought we should just try someplace there we had tried before. He suggested Joe Allen of course, but he also suggested Becco. I was of two minds on that. I love Lidia, but I have not heard all that many good things about Becco. Kevin ate there once with some of his clients and liked it though.

We ended up at Lattanzi. We went there once before. If you can believe this, we had gone there for a "sedar" with my stepmother's family. They do a fake (read non-Kosher) Passover menu. Ironically, the fake Passover menu didn't appeal to that many people and most of us ordered off the regular menu that day. Kevin and I really liked the food, so we decided to keep it in mind for future pre-theater dinners. We hadn't done a very good job of keeping it in mind because we didn't think of it immediately when Yum Yum didn't pan out. I spotted it when we walked by and remembered it then. I said we should go for it.

We had a nice meal. I didn't bring a camera, so it's all about description.

The restaurant is beautifully decorated. The front dining room is fairly standard, but the back room is gorgeous. It has a skylight and is decorated to look like a courtyard in an Italian villa. It overlooks an outdoor patio as well. I actually didn't eat there last night, but ate there the first time we had dinner at Lattanzi.

Service was incredibly quick and efficient. They asked us when we walked in if we were going to the theater, so everything was prompt, but it was also friendly.

For my appetizer, I tried carpaccio for the first time. It's weird that meat-lover like me has never had carpaccio, but somehow it was just never one of those things I ever got around to odering in a restaurant. I don't know what took me so long. I resent the 38 years I went withtout eating it. The slices of beef just melted in my mouth and they were a perfect foil to the spicy arugula beneath.

My main course was a delicious plate full of artichoke gnocchi. Have I mentioned lately how much I love gnocchi? Kevin ordered them too.

I went with a classic for dessert. I had a nice, rich, dense chocolate mousse. Kevin and I were supposed to be sharing it, but it was my birthday after all...

The surprise Broadway show? Spring Awakening. Great show, great performers, and some of the best music ever to be played on a Broadway stage. If you haven't seen it, I highly recommend it.

Back to real life for now.


Adam said...

I'm glad you had a great birthday Rachel. I bet part of the reason NYC is so awesome is that there is always another nice restaurant right around the corner :)

Chocolate mousse? I can totally guess that, you chocolate lover you.

Bellini Valli said...

Sounds like you had a fantastic birthday. It seems that there are many passionate foodies born in the month of July. We Cancers rock!!!!!

Emiline said...

Happy Birthday!

The restaurant sounds really good. I've never had carpaccio, but I want to try it. Is it completely rare?
Artichoke gnocchi sound great.

Emiline said...


The Short (dis)Order Cook said...

Em, the meat is pretty much raw, but sliced very thin. It's similar to eating prosciutto.