Wednesday, July 2, 2008

It's Summer! Time for the weekly sweets

In the summertime I usually am not burdened by things like play rehearsals and dance classes, so I have more evenings free to spend in the kitchen. Last year I decided to use that extra time to bake something new each week and share it with my office. The idea was to challenge myself a little as well as endear myself to my office just a bit more. (The brown stuff on my nose is just chocolate- I swear).

I have decided to revive that tradition this summer, but this year I'm putting a twist on it. I'm using only recipes that I find on other people's blogs. So many of you out there have such great recipes and I keep saying, "I want to try that in the future." Well, no time like the present. I am going through those bookmarked recipes and start baking.

There are some blogs that have multiple recipes I want to try (I'm looking at you Em), but I'm sure there are others that I don't even know about. If you feel you want your favorite dessert recipe to be represented here, please feel free to suggest it (especially if I haven't visited your blog yet so I can make some new friends while I'm at it). However, if your favorite recipe is carrot cake or oatmeal cookies, I'm afraid they won't be making it onto TERP. I will only bake desserts that I would eat myself.

This week's recipe comes courtesy of Bellini Valli and More Than Burnt Toast. MTBT, is an amazingly prolific blog. It's hard to keep track of the wonderful recipes that are constantly being posted there. Just this week Val informed her readership that she hadn't participated in this month's Daring Baker's challenge due to working 7 days a week at a camp for disabled children. Besides the fact that it's a wonderful thing that she's doing, I still find it amazing that she's posting recipes with the same regularlity as always.

I chose her delicious-looking recipe for Crater Banana Bread. It's a rich and sweet concoction, filled with chocolate chips. I did tweak the recipe a bit because I had an unused package of mini semi-sweet chips leftover from my not baking for the company picnic. I used those in place of the milk chocolate chips the recipe calls for. I don't think it suffered much.

I did have one little mishap while baking these. After cracking in the second egg, I lost my grip on the empty shell and it fell back into the bowl with the mixer running. I went to switch it off quickly and accidentally turned it up higher, cracking the shell further. I was panicked about having to start over. I had used the last of my butter and sugar. I would either have to give up, go shopping, or see if I could get the eggshell out of the batter.

With a sharp eye and a small miracle, I did manage to get all of the eggshell out of the cake. Everything was just fine.

I brought the cake into work and it was gone in two hours. I received many kudos, which I do want to pass on to Val as well.

I think even if my photo had been better focused, it still would not have looked as good as Val's did. At least it still tasted good.
The cake was so easy that I had plenty of time to go and watch my town's annual 4th of July Fireman's Parade.


Adam said...

That's cool that you feature sweets and recipes that you find on other blogs. It's a cool way to try things you normally might not try orginially.

Here's to new friends... Happy 4th.

Emiline said...

I'm looking forward to your sweet postings. Let me know if you have questions about anything.

The cake sounds really good.

Sue said...

I love a parade! And that banana bread sounds great too.

Bellini Valli said...

I'm sorry that I didn't get here sooner. I am so glad that you enjoyed the crater cake, it is my favourite way to use those bananas up. Thank you also for your kind words I really do appreciate everything and will try better to get around to visiting everyone. Even though the job is rewarding I am very happy to be getting 4 days off starting on the 15th!!!!!!!!!!!!!!