Thursday, July 24, 2008

Sweet Treat of the Week

This week's Sweet Treat may totally shock you. You may not believe your eyes. You many wonder if you're actually looking at The Essential Rhubarb Pie.

You see, this week's Sweet Treat isn't chocolate.

It's a shocker, I know.

This week's treat comes from Peter of Kalofagas. It's Apricot and Pistachio Cake . (Please don't ask me to say it in Greek). Kalofagas is a highly informative blog showcasing Greek food. Not only is it an educational blog for a novice like me, but Peter also stands behind my belief that there is something terribly wrong with putting pineapple on a pizza.

I found this cake irresistable because I do so dearly love pistachios. If you put a container of pistachio nuts in front of me, chances are it will be empty very soon. It is my love of pistachio nuts that endears Mediterranean desserts to me so much. I love pastries dripping with honey and nuts (although I prefer them without raisins or dates). I saw this cake and knew I would have to show some restraint, buy some pistachios, and make it (if I can't be in the Foodie Joust, at least I can steal the winning recipes). I actually managed to finish making the cake before I had consumed every last nut.
I couldn't get mine to look as good as Peter's.

The cake wasn't too difficult to make. There were a few steps, but nothing I couldn't handle. I was a little confused as to when to add the ground ginger, but I put it in with the apricot puree. The butter/flour/egg mixture was a little stiff - almost a like a cookie dough, which terrified me when it came time to fold the egg whites in. I feared deflating them and getting a pancake since the eggs were the cake's only leavening. I took heart that Peter's photo didn't show a particularly tall cake and soldiered on.

The resulting cake is nicely fruity and nutty, and despite the abudance of honey in the syrup, not overly sweet. It is perfectly complemented by a cup of tea.

I didn't bother feeding it to Sir Pickypants since he doesn't like apricots and won't eat yogurt (I confess to not being fond of the stuff myself, but come on! Look at this cake!) I took it to work and half of it was gone within the first half hour at the office. I got at least one of glowing review from a coworker.

I'd say success!


Shreya said...

very nice.. apricot and pistachios are nice on cake..

Heather said...

That does sound like a nice cake. I will be the first to admit that all of my cakes are of Flintstonian execution, but taste just fine. :)

I'll post my spice cake with toasted marshmallows and bruleed bananas soon, and you'll see just how ugly a cake can be. ;)

Peter M said...

This is looks wonderful, you went through the process of making it and succeeding well.

It's not a difficult cake and the reward when tasting it quite satisfying.

Thanks for making the dish and linking back.

Clumbsy Cookie said...

I'm like you, I also love pistachios. In fact I harly ever bake with them because i eat them first... Ther cake must have been great!

Adam said...

The cake looks delicious. I've never made a cake with pistacahio's, but I think you just gave me a few ideas. I believe they have a place in the dessert world.

The Short (dis)Order Cook said...

Heather - Bring it on! Perhaps you'll be a future Sweet Treat of the Week.

Peter - Thanks for sharing the recipe. I really enjoyed it and I have a few coworkers asking me where I got it. You may be seeing some extra hits on your blog this week.

Cookie and Shreya - There is just something addictive about pistachios. They are the nuts of the gods (did that sound dirty?)

The Short (dis)Order Cook said...

Adam, this was my first cake with pistachio nuts, but I have a wonderful recipe for milk-chocolate, orange, and pistachio cookies and pistachio brownies if you're interested.

Sue said...

Is there a waiting list at your office for people wanting to work anywhere near you? There should be!

I hope you're at least allowed to swipe your coworkers' office supplies in exchange for these wonderful treats.

noble pig said...

Looks wonderful and sounds even better...thanks for sharing this!

Lo said...

This looks absolutely tasty.

It's just proof that all good things in life aren't chocolate :) (though you shouldn't try convincing Peef of that one!)

The Short (dis)Order Cook said...

Sue - the guy who sits on the other side of my cube wall is also close to the kitchen and he says one of the best parts of sitting there is the fact that he's the first to know (and go get) whatever baked items I bring in.

Noble - thanks for stopping by

Lo - I do believethat the best things in life are chocolate, but sometimes I can be lured away from it.

Emiline said...

That cake sounds wonderful!

I'm a pistachio nut too! Always have been. Our cat used to bat them around the floor and eat them.