Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Sweet Treat of the Week

Now that I have returned from my vacation, I can resume my weekly dessert stolen from other people's blogs.

This week's Sweet Treat comes from Food Blogga (don't you just love saying that?) Susan grills ice cream and Fruit Loops, which is my kind of kitchen experimentation!

As the host of this round of Sugar High Friday (berry themed), she contributed this absolutely beautiful Peach and Blueberry Galette. As soon as I saw it I told her not to be surprised if it showed up here on TERP. Once again I have made something that *gasp* isn't chocolate.

I love summer so much and one of the best things about it is the abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables because all of the farm markets are open. Now that peaches are becoming available here in NY, I have been wanting to use them in everything. I have also been having a huge craving for blueberry pie. This little gem helped satisfy both those urges.

Making it was not difficult. I had a horrible fear that I had overworked the dough. I only had Kerrygold butter in the house and I have never seen a butter that melts faster. When I took my dough out of the food processor, it had a scarily smooth texture. I also accidentally added a little less sugar than the recipe called for. At least it was easy to roll out. I also adjusted the recipe becauseI realized after it ws too late that I didn't have ginger. I just left it out.

The galette came out very nicely. The crust wasn't too tough, as I feared it would be. The tart's only flaw was that it could have been sweeter. This is not the fault of the recipe. The blueberries I bought just weren't that great. They were not as sweet as I like blueberries to be.

Sir Pickypants does not like peaches or blueberries, but he insisted on having a piece. I think that's a testament to how good it smelled while it was baking. Even so, when I reminded him that he didn't like the fruit on top, he said, "Just give me some of the crust." Forget it! This tart is a package deal. He ate an entire slice and liked it anyway.

I took the remains to work and received quite a few compliments. It didn't go as quickly as some of my other desserts did. I came into the office late today and when I brought it in initially (around noonish), people pounced on it, but by 3 PM, there was one piece left. I suspect that piece will be gone before I leave the office.

I'm sorry I only have a photo of a slice. Sir Pickypants, for all of his dislike of the fruit involved, insisted on taking a piece right away, before I could remove the cooling galette from the parchment (Sorry Sue) it was sitting on. I didn't want to photograph a tart with a piece missing, so I photographed a single piece instead.

This is a perfect summer farmstand treat!


Adam said...

Your tart looks awesome, Rach! You know it has to be good if it's eaten right off the parchment paper, right?

How was your trip? I'm sure you had a great time :)

You went to school in PA? Cool. I've heard the Amish might of made up the whoopie pie, so I can see the connection.

noble pig said...

I'm in love with the name Sir Pickypants! I love it.

Lo said...

Cathy beat me to it.
Sir Pickypants!! *roar*


The Short (dis)Order Cook said...

Adam - Thanks. Trip was great. Details on the food are in my previous post and there is a link to the non-food details. Non-food photos should be on my website eventually.

Yep, I went to school in Lancaster County. Heart of Amish Country. Whoopie pies, scrapple, and chow chow.

Noble and Lo - Sir Pickypants describes him to a T. He even admits that he's hard to cook for. I admit I'm picky too. It's just that we're not picky about the same things!

Clumbsy Cookie said...

When someone that doens't like an ingredient and still eats it, you know you got it right!

Darius T. Williams said...

I absolutely love a good galette - lol. Nah, actually i've never had one - but I'd be sooo willing to try yours. so willing!


Dee said...

What a fabulous nickname! The galette looks pretty good too :)

I'm especially pleased to note that the dough was easy to work. I have this wonderful vanilla tart pastry that falls apart if you raise your voice, and it's getting on my nerves.

Emiline said...

Sir Pickypants sounds like quite the handful.

The dessert looks delicious. I love that peach and blueberry combo.

Hope you had a good vacay.

Heather said...

There's nothing wrong with a photo of a tart with a piece missing! :P

Berry desserts are so great! I can't wait to go berry picking.

Susan from Food Blogga said...

Hey! I'm so happy you made the galette and enjoyed it. As for the sweetness, I would say play around with it until you find just the right sweetness that makes you smile. I'm glad Mr. Pickypants ended up eating a slice. :)