Thursday, August 21, 2008

Sweet Treat of the Week

You ever see a blog name and just know you're going to love that blog just from the name alone? Well, Sticky Gooey, Creamy Chewy is that kind of blog for me. However, it's not just that blog name that's great. It's a great blog with all kinds of great recipes and Susan is just an all-around sweetheart of a person (and one of the best Top Chef recappers in the blogsphere).

Thanks to my ongoing craving for blueberry desserts, SGCC was my choice this week to steal my weekly Sweet Treat recipe from. These Bluberry Almond Crumble Bars hit the spot. When I started the Sweet Treat concept, I didn't want to repeat recipe elements or recipe type (unless the recipe element is chocolate of course), and I did something with blueberries two weeks ago, but I couldn't resist this recipe.

This recipe was very simple to put together. I just whizzed the crust ingredients in the food processor and mixed up the berry filling. I made one accidental adjustment to the recipe. The crust requires a cup of sugar, and the filling requires a half cup of sugar. I accidentally put a cup of sugar in the filling. I was afraid the bars would be waaaaaay too sweet. When I poured them into the pan, I tried to leave off a bunch of the sugary liquid. It seemed to work, as the berries were just right. When I made the peach-blueberry galette two weeks ago I had some unfortunately tart berries that needed more sugar. I was terribly afraid I was about to go in the complete opposite direction.

I'm very pleased with how these came together. The crust was perfect and the filling solidified nicely. The almonds, orange, and ginger added a wonderful depth of flavor that was just a little unexpected. This recipe is a definite winner.

Fresh out of the overn. Too bad there is no way to smell these through the computer screen

As I indulged in my first piece last night, Sir Pickypants asked me, "Am I allowed to have any of that?" I reminded him, "You don't like blueberries." Man, I love torturing him like that! He had a piece, and enjoyed it quite a bit.

At work one of my friends hoarded a piece to take home for her dessert tonight as the rest of it was disappearing quickly. From the other side of my cube wall I heard, "That's delicious, Rachel." (This is the guy who said the most advantageous thing about sitting betwween me and the kitchen is he's always the first to know when I bake and the first person to get to taste it.) It was gone by 10:45 and not only were all of the bars taken, but it seems they scraped the pan clean of all crumbs. Cool. Mission accomplished.

I know you want one. Who wouldn't?


Clumbsy Cookie said...

I really wish i could smell 8and eat) that! I'm sure they're delicious!

Mansi Desai said...

I agree! SCCG is by far one of the best dessert porn blogs out there!:)the blueberry crumble looks neat rachel! even I an't seem to resist it:)

Adam said...

Rachel, that looks amazing. There's berries popping out of every possible nook :)

How can someone not like blueberries in a dessert? Even the squish factor is gone... if you have any extra, Long Island isn't too far away :)

Darius T. Williams said...

This looks sooooooo good!


noble pig said...

I know, when I saw these on SGCC I almost ran to the store right then for berries, I clearly need to now!

Dee said...

I wish I worked with you. My co-workers don't know how to turn on an oven :( Your bars look amazing, and I like the addition of ginger too.

StickyGooeyCreamyChewy said...

Rachel, I am so delighted that you chose to make these blueberry bars this week! I'm glad that they turned out well for you. They look great!

Thank you for your kind words. I'm blushing! You are some kind of seetheart yourself!

StickyGooeyCreamyChewy said...

Oops! I meant sweetheart!

The Short (dis)Order Cook said...

Susan - Your site and recipes are certainly deserving of recognition (as Mansi pointed out so well - DESSERT PORN!!) I sort of like the idea of being a seetheart. ;-)

Clumbsy, Darius, Noble - Thanks and you should definitely try these. Super easy and excellent results.

Adam - Kevin was one of those people who hated most fruits and veggies growing up and he's come around to some of them, but others he's still squeamish about. In truth, when you put fruits he claims not to like in a dessert like this, he comes around pretty easily.

Dee - For me it's not even that my coworkers can't bake. The company bakeoff proves the opposite. They just don't share that often. I started my summer weekly sweet treat partially because everyone at my office loves home-baked goods, but people rarely ever bring in things just to share with coworkers. My one friend used to bake for the office before she had kids, but she would hoard the stuff at her desk and only share it with certain friends (thank goodness I was one of her friends).