Monday, October 6, 2008

Ballets and Birthday Parties

Sunday several members of my family gathered in NYC to celebrate my father's 70th birthday. Most of the men (my father, my brother, and my nephew) spent the day at the Museum of Natural History while the women (my sister-in-law, my stepmother, my niece, and me), along with Kevin, went downtown to the Joyce Theater to see BalletMet. It was an excellent show (some very interesting choreography) and then we all met up and had dinner at The Post House on East 62nd Street.

My brother has been to a few business meetings at the Post House. Although it's a steak house, it seems he and his associates always order the lemon chicken because it's supposedly the best lemon chicken in New York. He ordered it again that day and I rarely ever see him order chicken.

It was a really good meal. Due to the kids needing to eat early, we arrived as soon as the restaurant opened at 5:30. We were seated right away and the waitstaff was nice enough to take the family photo.

The atmosphere was understated and pleasant. It wasn't stodgy steakhouse, but it wasn't painfully hip either.

I called my niece a spoiled princess when she asked me to butter her bread for her. The waiter then jokingly said we were both spoiled as he poured my cosmopolitan directly from the shaker right there at the table.

We had a surf 'n' turf amusee bouche. Kevin and I took two of these and I ate the turf and he ate the surf. It was a spicy little tidbit.

I started the official part of my meal with a bowl of very nice gazpacho.

My niece and nephew split a filet and an order of calamari as well as an order of fries. The platter of fries was HUGE. I liked how the waitstaff served the fries directly onto their plates. We all ate what they refused.
I had a deliciously spicy cajun ribeye. It's like they put half the cow on my plate. It was so huge I mooed at it when I saw it.
Lemon sole for Kevin. BOR-ing

Our sides were yummy onion rings, home fries, and fried zucchini. We had some steamed spinach too, but everyone forgot to eat it.

At dessert time Penelope surprised us all by ordering the chocolate souffle. It was a lot of food for a little girl, but she attacked it as well as she could. She was so thrilled with all of the chocolate stuff on her plate. She couldn't finish it despite Aunt Rachel constantly taking bites.

Charles's dish of ice cream was bigger than his head I think.

Check out my dessert. It was a treasure box. What's inside?

Oh look! White and milk chocolate mousse with fresh raspberries.

Kevin rarely goes for the non-chocolate dessert, but he did opt for a lemon tart. He said it lacked something and wasn't really sweet enough.

Dad got his chocolate mousse cake with a birthday candle in it. I think he had a really good day.

I'm still full from all that food.


Darius T. Williams said...

Great pics - really great pics. My friends hate when we all go out to eat because I'm always taking like a gazillion pictures - lol.


Bellini Valli said...

Sounds like your dad had a perfect birthday surrounded by famuly and friends:D

Adam said...

Everything looks like a perfect birthday night :) The food is outstanding, and I love your ribeye, the crust is awesome. Your family is a lot of fun, they know how to party :)

Ha I remember you being the dessert maker for your husbands office. Its funny to bake when you're not even there.

Sue said...

That's so nice. Your father was lucky to have you all there.

I LOVE onion rings AND fried zucchini and you're a cosmo girl, too?

Emiline said...

Happpy Birthday, DAD!

I am SO JEALOUS of all this food! That looks like a good ribeye. Was it very cajun-y? They should have served it with a Bourbon sauce or something.

Cute kids! Thanks for sharing, this was fun to read.

The Short (dis)Order Cook said...

Darius - I am starting to annoy Kevin with the picture taking, but he's also getting used to it. He now moves aside for me to take picture of his food.

Val - Yes. It was just how he wanted it. He said for his 70th birthday he wanted to have lots of small parties iwth the groups of people closest to him rather than one big party.

Adam - If there is one thing everyone in my family can do well, it's EAT.

Sue - Cosmo girl all the way.

Em - I'm not sure if it was authentically cajun, but the spice crust certainly was spicy.

I should have included the picture of me teaching my niece "Miss Lucy Had a Steamboat".