Thursday, December 25, 2008

A Second Review of Haiku

It was getting close to dinner time last night. We had no plans and we also had no food for dinner, so Kevin asked me if I wanted to have a nice traditional Jewish Christams Eve and have Chinese food. He wanted takeout, but I figured if we were going Asian, we should consider some of the new restaurants in the neighborhood.

(Sorry for the lack of photos. I left my camera at my father's place on Sunday and I'm waiting for him to mail it back to me.)

A new one just opened called Umamai, and I wanted to try that, but it was raining pretty hard outside last night and it's a bit far down the street. We decided to try Haiku again. I figure my last review wasn't much of one since I had ordered the food for delivery. I think I'll review the restaurant experience.

Haiku is a very attractive restaurant with a waterfall behind the sushi bar and mirrors along one wall. It's hard to believe it was once a neighborhood pizza and casual Italian place. The seating along the mirrored wall is one, long, continuous bench on one side of the tables. It puts you a little closer to your neighbors than I like to be. It wasn't such a big deal last night as I was sitting next to my literal neighbors. The people at the table to the left of us were folks that live on my floor.

Unlike Toyo Sushi, a Japanese place right down the block, it doesn't stink like fish. Toyo has the stinkiest sushi bar ever.

Haiku was into the festive holiday spirit last night with the waitstaff all in Santa hats with flashing lights on them. Staff was very friendly and efficient. Kevin's comment was, "They certainly try hard."

Kevin started his meal with shu mei, which he has often said is the standard food by which he judges Japanese restaurants. I had a Vietnamese salad. It was a delcious mix of shredded mango, and jicama tossed with roasted peanuts and crispy cellophane noodles that was tossed in a slightly spicy cilantro-infused dressing. It was a big improvement over the spring rolls from my last go round.

Kevin had grilled shrimp with vegetables, which he liked. I had a wonderful dish of chicken with spicy mango sauce. The sauce was like a thinner version of sweet and sour sauce - but with quite a kick. It was very tasty.

We were given refills on our wine. I don't know if that's a regular thing, or if it was just a Christmas thing, but I wasn't complaining. Prior to them obtaining the liquor license, they were giving it away.

I do hope to try Umami in the future (when the skies are clear), but I know I will be going back to Haiku again as well.

Merry Christmas everyone!