Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Turkey Soup - Finally!

Everyone on the blogs has shamed me into dragging my turkey carcass out of the freezer and making the soup already. If you think it took too long this year, just remember, it took at least another month or so before I bothered to do it last year.

It could be worse. I had a good friend in college who said her mother always saved the turkey carcass in the freezer after Thanksgiving. She never bothered to make the soup and finally would chuck it six months later. I at least make the soup.

I also need to make sure my camera battery gets regular charges. Thanks to having to wait for a charge, there won't be as many pictures in this blog.

I started by sticking my frozen carcass and veggies in the fridge for the day so it thawed a bit. The evening I started the stock, I put it in water with carrots, celery, onion, garlic and some sprigs of fresh thyme I had hanging around the fridge. To add a little more flavor and also to make sure I had enough meat chunks, I bought some turkey legs and added them to the stock too.

I made sure there was nothing still hanging out in the cavity before putting the carcass in the pot.

I did have a few picks at the carcass. It was hard not to. May I say just how good my turkey was? On Thanksgiving Day I'm too preoccupied with cooking and prepping to really taste the food. While making this soup I had a whole, fresh look at my turkey. It was goooooood. No wonder so many people come to my Thanksgiving dinner.

After a couple of hours of serious simmering and foam-skimming, I had a lovely stock. I strained it and cut up all of the salvagable meat.

(All of this stuff should have been illustrated. I need to get more on the ball with the camera thing. Seriously. This is the second time this has happened.)

Back into the pot went the meat with some chopped carrots. For the noodle part I took a cue from Stacey and used orzo.

Finally a photo. This is a nice dish of comfort on a winter night. It's right up Sir Pickypants' alley.

When I sat down to finally eat this soup it was so good that I ended up being late for dance class because I had to have a second bowl.


noble pig said...

Yum, so wonderful to have a carcass hanging around.

Darius T. Williams said...

Wow - great idea and this looks great - I bet it was delicious!

Bellini Valli said...

The temperatire is dipping to minus 18 celsius...this wpould be so comforting right now!!!!

Lore said...

Gorgeous stock! I'm not very good with foam-skimming, will have to get better :)

Dee said...

You go to dance class? Wow! I really need to get off my ass and work it instead!

Turkey has only just showed up in Malaysia (we don't have anything to give thanks for apparently) but we may not bother with one this Xmas (gasp!).

Your soup, though, looks very comforting :)

Dawn said...

I wish I had room in my freezer for that! I have a Barbie-sized freezer, that is, until we finally move.
This soup looks so good; very warming on the cold winter months!

Peter M said...

I love turkey stock and you can find wings on sale to make more yummy soup like this one.

The Blonde Duck said...

LOL. I'm sorry, but the image of you dragging this ginourmous turkey out of the fridge is making me giggle.

The Short (dis)Order Cook said...

Cathy - I'm not so sure it's so wonderful to have your carcass hanging around as long as mine was though. ;-)

Darius - Thanks

Val - After you told me that, I've stopped complaining about how cold it is in NY today.

Lore - I'm not good at foam skimming either. That's why I do it a lot. I never get much in one shot.

Dee - Yeah. I study jazz and tap. Used to study ballroom till my partner moved away. I have the figure of a stumpy troll and I am not terribly coordinated, so I have no business dancing, but it's fun, so I do it anyway.

Dawn - Thanks for stopping by. My freezer is pretty tiny too. In fact I just bought a new refrigerator a couple of months ago and had to downgrade my already small fridge for an even smaller one. That carcass took up almost all of the room in the main compartment. Everything else was crammed into the door.

Peter - I was tempted to buy some smoked wings instead of the extra drumsticks to see how that would change the flavor. Perhaps the next go around. Turkey stock is fun.

Blonde Duck - Dragging out the carcass was nothing compared to the sight of me flipping over the whole, just-roasted turkey when it first came out of the oven. Now that was a spectacle!

Complaint Department Manager said...

I made turkey pot pie with my leftovers. The pie has such thick gravy that the gravy doesn't spill out when you take out a piece, yum.

I concur with the rest on the stock, that looks mighty fine.

Sue said...

You're so good to have made it at all, so what if Thanksgiving was practically another season ago?! I JUST washed and ironed my napkins from Thanksgiving, so I think you're doing well.

Did you cook your orzo separately? I always regret when I don't because the pasta drinks up all my good soup, so I boil it separately and add it at the end.

Adam said...

It's never too late for turkey soup, especially home made. I can seriously have that anytime of year :)

I like how you added the orzo, that pasta just seems a little more comforting, dontcha think?

The Short (dis)Order Cook said...

CDM - Thanks. I was considering turkey pot pie but I gave away too much of the turkey to have enough to work with.

Sue - I cooked the orzo in the soup. Sir Pickypants doesn't like too much broth, so having the pasta soak it all up works for him. It did stick together a bit though.