Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Another Meal Where I Shamelessly Rip Off Other Bloggers

Honestly, where did I get my recipes from before I discovered food blogs? How did I go for so long without completely ruining adapating other people's creations?

My most current shameless copping flattering imitation comes from a blog I'm prone to stealing ideas from, We Are Never Full. Their Cornish Hen Agrodolce looked really super good. They helpfully pointed out that the recipe would work for many types of meats, so I opted to make mine with good-old-fashioned chicken breasts rather than hens.

First I dredged and sauteed some chicken breasts in a little butter and olive oil. I gave them a good browning and put them aside.

(I would have taken some more photos of this process, but I was charging the camera battery.)

Then I sauteed the onions, garlic, and shallots, and added the liquid ingredients, as per Amy and Jonny's recipe. I reduced the whole thing down, strained out the onions, and then in went the jam and the rest of the solid ingredients. I added the breasts back in to cook through while the sauce reduced again.

I made another change to the recipe. I did not add olives, because I hate olives. Instead I used some choped sweet-spicy peppadew peppers, which I felt echoed the theme of the entire dish. I guess I wanted more spice after the arrabbiata that wasn't spicy enough. Once the chicken was cooked, I took it out and added the butter.

Time to serve. Oh, look what I served them over! It appears to be the cauliflower puree made with brown butter. This one was brazenly taken straight from Stephane of Zen Can Cook. I even sprinkled the asaparagus around the plate. Once again, I came a little shy of outright copying because I didn't use the peas. I hate peas.

This one was so special I trotted out the good plates and tried to arrange things nicely. I don't do food porn well, but I try.

Delicious recipes all around, so I thank you all for your inspiration!


The Blonde Duck said...

It looks lovely though! And it's not ripping off--it's finding inspiration!

Donna-FFW said...

GORGEOUS dinner. I would love to try that. The cauliflower also!!
Your food porn is lovely, whatyre talking bout?

Imitation is the most sincere form of flattery is what I tell myself when I pilfer others creations.. which I have done to one of yours I am posting soon that I borrowed.:)

Jeff said...

lol I keep wondering the same thing because it seems like I am constantly all over other blogs going oh that sounds good and modifying my dinner plans.

I keep meaning to try that cauliflower recipe too.

Sue said...

Food bloggers are the best!

That looks good! Your husband should be sooo happy to come home every night...For the food too! ;-)

The Short (dis)Order Cook said...

Donna - Now I'm excited!

Jeff - Try the cauliflower. I am picky about how I eat mine, and this was pretty good.

Sue - After 8 years of marriage the novelty of the food has worn off unfortunately. It was a big deal in the early days, but now it's just another part of the routine.

Jonny said...

Thanks so much for giving our recipe a go, Rachel! I didn't know about your aversion to olives, but we're big fans of peppadews, and you're right, I'm sure the preserved, briny taste was a good substitution for them. We're all for modifying recipes and do it all the time - usually without the good grace to credit the appropriate folks - so we know exactly where you're coming from. Your version looks fab, and you've inspired us to give Stephane's side dish a try now too!