Tuesday, October 20, 2009

It Just Won't Do...

e, It just won't do
To dream of caramel
To think of cinnamon
And long for you

-Suzanne Vega

Those pesky apples. Apple picking seems like a good idea at first. You take a drive to some bucolic paradise awash in colorful foliage, then pay for the privilege of performing manual labor for a couple of hours. The next thing you know you're stuck with more apples than you know what to do with.

Well, it was my brother who did the apple picking with his family this time and he really went overboard. The silly thing about his apple abundance is that his kids don't like apples. They don't like any fruit at all. (He used to tease me about my being a picky eater as a child. Now I can laugh at him as his kids are pickier than I ever was.) He managed to unload his unwanted apples in the name of kindness and then I was stuck with the bounty.

I thank all of you food bloggers who have been making apples recipes these past couple of weeks. I surfed and debated and deliberated over which one I would use. I wanted to use them all, but even I didn'thave enough apples for that. While I sat around trying to decide which apple recipe was best I caught a bad cold, had a bad computer virus, and went on a business trip. I had little time or energy to bake and then post the results on a blog. The apples languished.

A few days ago the situation was growing desperate. I had eaten a few of the apples, but I still had plenty left and they were starting to go bad. I needed to do something with those apples right away.

Then I had the song go through my head. Cinnamon was meant for apples, but what about caramel? I didn't just want something to do with apples. I wanted something gooey and dreamy. I did some netsurfing and found this recipe for Caramel Apple Cake (apologies to all of my blog buddies whose recipes I didn't use).

This cake was incredibly simple. Once I had whatever I could salvage from the apples peeled and chopped, the batter came together very quickly. It uses vegetable oil rather than butter and I'm loath to use anything but butter in my cakes, but it did make for a fast recipe since I didn't have to spend a long time creaming and fluffing.

So I had my cake to help me think of cinnamon. Indeed as soon as I took this cake from the oven, the smell of cinnamon hit my nose in a way reminisent of my husband's embrace - passionate and yet comforting.

On top goes the caramel sauce. It's a simple sauce of brown sugar boiled with cream and butter. Initially the caramel sauce is more like a sticky frosting, but after a day or so, it settles into the cake more, rendering it beautifully sticky and gooey throughout.

So goodbye
Sweet appetite
No single bite
Could satisfy me

I served it here with a good dollop of whipped cream. Ice cream would be nice too. I think cinnamon ice cream would be great. Caramel ice cream would also be wonderful. Is there a caramel-cinnamon ice cream out there? Perhaps I should invent it!


Steph said...

I'm usually all for butter too. Oil just isn't the same, but sometimes (hershey's chocolate cake) it actually works and surprises me. Your dessert looks delicious with the sauce and whipped cream.

Lo said...

Oooh. Caramel cinnamon icecream. I'd be all over that!

As for apples -- yes, a trip to the orchard can by idyllic. But, it almost always results in a pile of apples... for us, it's never too many to eat. But, it's usually too many to store. Last year, I dedicated an entire portion of my fridge to keeping apples... and I cursed it multiple times as we drew closer to the holidays and my fridge wanted to be filled with other things! :)

vincent said...
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Bellini Valli said...

Excellent choice!!!!

The Blonde Duck said...

I think you should invent it. I'll come help you eat it! This looks insanely good.

And I was listening to Monster Mash when I wrote my scary story! :)

Emily said...

Ohhhh Vincent. You silly man.

I'm very jealous of your apples. I haven't bought or used any in a long time. The cake looks delicious. I love the caramel sauce on top.

Donna-FFW said...

What a perfect choice.. looks fantastic. Im a big butter girl myself too.

Go invent cinnamon/caramel ice cream.. cmon you can.

Sue said...

I use James Beard's Apple Cake recipe from "The New James Beard", (y'know, published only 28 years!!! ago).
He throws on a similar butter, sugar and cream glaze (which actually the cake doesn't even need), but this one is bigger and better. I have to try it.

The Blonde Duck said...

You can come over for Christmas Enchiladas anytime!

The Honey Nut said...

Caramel and apple is to die for!! This cake looks delicious:)