Friday, October 9, 2009

Please Stand By

We are experiencing technical difficulties. Please stand by.

When I was a kid watching TV with my brother, whenever the TV would go blank and play bad elevator music and the announcer's voice would tell us to, "Please stand by," my brother would make me stand by the television set. If I didn't literally "stand by", then the show would not come back.

Do they still do that on TV? Am I completely dating myself?

Anyway, I'm experiencing some technical difficulties of my own. My home computer is infected by a nasty and seemingly untreatable virus. We can't seem to find a program to scrub it. I confess I do a good bit of blogstalking and blog drafting during slow periods on my work computer as I'm doing now (Bad Rachel!) but the meat and potatoes of my blog, the fine tuning and photo loading, are done on my home computer. I don't want to do anything that is password protected on my computer until I know that spyware is out of there, so for now, I won't be blogging. I am also going on a business trip next week, so even though the problem will likely be resolved by then, I'll be away.

I will still be visiting blogs in my spare time on other computers and will make myself available on Facebook as well, so don't despair and don't think I've gone away. I'll be back. Hopefully I will be using the inspiration I have found from other bloggers to figure out what to do with the big bag of apples in my kitchen.


Complaint Department Manager said...

H1N1 has now gone cyber. We're all going to hell in shopping cart with finely oiled wheels(that still pulls to the right for some reason).

Sue said...

Poor you. Make Ina's (and my) baked applesauce. It's so good.

Bunny said...

I just got through my own computer fiasco, I'm feelin for you girl! Hubby got me a new laptop and I spent a couple days trying to figure it out. I had a very tense moment when I down loaded my pictures and couldn't figure out where they were! I sat here yelling at the computer " where's my pictures!! Cough em up!! I'm better now ( hee hee)!

noble pig said...

Ugh, that is always the worst!!

Dee said...

Sorry to hear about your computer troubles. Bummer. I just stopped by to say hello as it's been a while.

Emily said...

Apple crisp.

Have a good time! I hope your problems get fixed soon.

The Blonde Duck said...

I hope you come back!!! :( That stinks!