Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Dinner Updates

My family had to do Easter a day early this year due to everyone's packed schedules.  Saturday night we did a pre-Easter dinner at Mom's with her and me sharing cooking duties.

My duties consisted of the pork, the Easter pie, and the desserts.  I also made some homemade biscuits. I spread all of this cooking out over two days.  It was quite a cooking adventure.

Easter Pie is always a requirement at our dinners.  I stuck to my classic family recipe (doubling the crust recipe) but was sure to add a little extra meat.  I had pepperoni, sweet sorpresata, and proscuitto in the mix. 

I decided to try a different method for the crust dough.  I put it in the Kitchen Aid and mixed it with a dough hook, making a "well" for the eggs. 

Instead of cutting the dough into two crusts, I made one huge crust and then wrapped it around the filling. I brushed the whole thing with egg wash and baked it at 350.  I think the resulting pie looked rather pretty.

I love pulled pork and always wanted to make it, so I decided Easter would be the perfect chance to try it. 

I rubbed a 5-pound pork  shoulder with brown sugar, dry mustard, paprika, and salt.  I found this Tyler Florence recipe for the rub.  I let it sit for about 2 hours. 

I cooked it for 6 hours at 275 in my Romertopf clay pot.  It was falling apart perfectly at the end.  I mixed it with a little barbecue sauce.  I found  a great recipe on Noble Pig.  It's a strong sauce, so I didn't put too much on when I first pulled the pork.  I most of it out on the buffet so people could take as much as they wanted when they served themselves.

I also made desserts because I'm designated dessert maker at holidays.  I made a variation on my pound cake recipe.  This time I tried it with brown butter and hazelnuts.  I will post a recipe for this in another post.  I'm afraid my only photo is this one from the baked goods table at dinner.  It's the cake behind the wine glass to the right of the Easter Pie. (My sister-in-law made those beautiful cookies.)

The big hit of the night was my white-chocolate-coconut cream pie.  I found this recipe Laura Brody's cookbook Chocolate American Style.  I didn't want to copy it here on the blog, but I found someone who did if you want the recipe

This is not your standard coconut custard topped with cream or meringue.  Instead it's more like a fluffy  mousse. You make your standard custard and then beat it with cream until it's whipped up. It sits on a crust made from Nilla Wafers crumbs and butter.   Although the original recipe doesn't say to top it with whipped cream, I decided I would do so.  I was even a bit daring and pulled up my piping bag and tried to make it fancy.

Every time I make this my husband tells me it's one of his all-time favorite pies.

It was a beautiful day and all in all it was a beautiful dinner. Mom made chicken salad (for the non pork eaters), Italian potato salad (made with tomatoes, basil, capers, and olives), and roasted asparagus. She also rounded out the appetizers with deviled eggs and veggies with Ina Garten's caramelized onion dip (the most addictive dip ever).  Don't forget about my homemade biscuits (I just use the same recipe I use for the biscuit topping for my Chicken Pot Pie, but I roll the dough out and cut it.)

Gotta love family holidays.  My family loves to eat!


Sue said...

Your Easter Pie is a thing of beauty. And, wow, I love the sound of the white chocolate coconut cream pie.

One question - were there fights over the leftovers? Because there was SO much food, there had to be masses of them.

bellini said...

Looks like you had an amazing holiday full of great food and family. I will have to try tat Easter Pie next time around.

Blond Duck said...

I want that pie.

The Short (dis)Order Cook said...

Sue - With 10 of at at the dinner table, we didn't have too much to go around. I took home all of my pork and part of the chicken salad and all of my biscuits and some of the potato salad. I took all of the pie and cake too. I sent the cake to work. I let Kevin polish off the pie.

Val - Thanks. The thing about the Easter pie is that I've eaten it for so many years and every time I taste it, I get that familiar taste and feeling. I always know it's the same family pie every time.

Proud Italian Cook said...

What a feast you had, love everything you made, your Easter pie sounds wonderful and I would fight your husband over that white chocolate cream pie! Yum!