Saturday, May 4, 2013

New Marinade, New Way to Cook

One inconvenient aspect of living in an apartment is I can't grill.  I hate seeing delicious grilling recipes online and in magazines when I can't make any of them because I don't have a grill or a yard to put one in.  I can use the sauces and the marinades, but what I cook won't have that same chargrilled quality.

Recently I saw a recipe for a Thai style grilled chicken that sounded so delicious, and while I knew I could replicate the flavors, I knew ordinary roasting wouldn't give me that caramelized flavor you get when the sugars in your marinade take on the heat of the grill.

I started to wonder how much of that quality I could obtain if I tried using my oft-neglected broiler.  I've never tried broiling chicken before.  Would I end up burning it to a crisp, or would I have something closer to the taste and texture I'm looking for in a grill recipe?

Still keeping the magazine recipe in mind, I devised my own "Thai" marinade.  I stuck some skinless chicken thighs (I was never in the habit of ripping skin off chicken, but I am making more of an effort to do so these days, which sometimes feels like ripping out my own heart) on a broiler pan and hoped for the best.


(Sorry folks.  There is a photo.  For some reason Blogger will not allow me to upload it.  I'm afraid this is a photo-less blog.  After trying for two days straight, I decided I really just wanted to get this blog posted, so sorry for the lack of photos.)

I was pleased with how these came out.  I definitely had some nice browned (but not burned) edges and the marinade kept everything from drying out.  I served them with forbidden (black) rice, which complemented them nicely.

Thai Style Broiled Chicken Thighs

  • 8 skinless, bone-in chicken thighs
  • 1 cup coconut milk
  • 2 Tbl chopped fresh cilantro
  • 1 tsp grated fresh ginger
  • 1 Tbl gluten-free soy sauce
  • 1 Tbl rice wine vinegar
  • Few drops sriracha (or to taste)
Combine coconut milk, cilantro, ginger, soy sauce, vinegar and sriracha in a non-reactive bowl.  Place chicken in the marinade.  Cover and refrigerate several hours or overnight.

Preheat your broiler.  Place your oven rack 5-6 inches from the heat source (the top rack position of your oven should do just fine).  Remove chicken from marinade and shake off excess.  Place on a broiler pan and broil 12 minutes.  Turn thighs over and broil 12 minutes more.  


bellini said...

I often use a grill pan on top of my stove. It gives me a nice char and those criss cross marks that make me think I am grilling outdoors.

Sue said...

I often use my broiler, instead of bothering with the grill. I experiment with how far away to put stuff. I have better luck broiling especially chicken a bit further away from the broiler element for a LONGER time than putting it closer for a shorter cooking time. Awhile ago, I discovered I had a CONVECTION broiler setting on my oven and that is the best!!! Oh, and I always line my pan with foil for no messy clean-up!

I would definitely have taken that marinade and boiled it up with some extra vegetable stock or orange juice if I needed it to make some yummy sauce.

The Short (dis)Order Cook said...

Val - I do have a stovetop grill pan, but it can really create a lot of smoke, so I only use it for things that cook quickly on days when I can cook with windows open.

Sue - I was considering doing that with the marinade. I'm not sure why I didn't - other than laziness! I will definitely look into experimenting with times and rack positions.

Velva said...

Broiling is a nice alternative to grilling. Looks like you nailed this dish without a grill.


Emily said...

These sound good! I love Thai flavors.

Did you get the pictures to work yet? If you need help message me on Facebook. I'm not sure if I can help or not, but I use Blogger like you.
I use Windows Livewriter to upload my posts.

P.S. I just moved into an apartment building, and apparently we can grill. :-o I don't like that rule because I don't want the building to catch on fire!

Blond Duck said...

I would die without a grill!